latest episode of Homeland Series 2 on in UK Sundays @ 9 pm Channel 4:Title of this episode:Broken Hearts:Episode 8(?) this posted on The Independent online Blog on Homeland (Charles Reynolds) as well as here 13th December 2012

May i say-what a wonderful and funny review this week: i actually laughed out loud at the line about jazz! =hilarious:)
thank goodness somebody else feels about that hideous jazz as i do, i too felt something dreadful was going to happen as soon as that irksome noise wafted out from the radio..

agree that it was an absolutely ludicrous episode however no more ludicrous than they have been..only that it is increasingly tiresome the more shouty the delectable and wonderfully Spock-eared Estes gets and hardly credible either.  Not that any of that seems to matter.

Myself i found the officially Arab guy in the basement with the ancient computer screen more Maxwell Smart than sinister.  However it was it’s very ordinariness that was creepy;the banality of evil and all that.

The dying scene with Walden was faintly cartoonish which only matches the increasingly comic-book cartoonish grotesquery level reached by Brody’s face when he is officially 007-ing or would that be ish…:)

p.s agreed about Abu Nazir’s rant:can one be guilty of unfairly stereotyping an evil terrorist or certainly his official terrorist rant?  Yes.  it seems Homeland can..

& furthermore: i award this one the gold star of silently invoked recriminations voiced at the screen as Carrie does yet another thing that seems both unreasonable and unwise: eg. go back into the (industrial estate) terrorist;’s lair into which she had been ensconced and minimally tortured more like tickled a bit with fan shaped bandages tied in her mouth.

 Yep;Carrie takes all her time and trouble to return there after running down the middle of the road and narrowly avoiding not being run over by a passing car which she shouts at to stop and declares them a***holes for not doing so .

  Yes, how very dare they?  Don’t they know that they’re now in an action movie and urgent orchestral music could be played any time now?  the time for delightful jazz being long passed..
(in fact as mentioned by our reviewer this is clearly what happens when you play Jazz-the dark anti-matter of music)

meanwhile Sarah, i mean Carrie has done a Lund and been swallowed up into the bleak darkness of the already dangerously clanking warehouse, sans torch or even gun..

& what are they doing with jolly avuncular Saul? whose Uncle-ish charm for once did not work on the mighty hit-man Quinn’s ex-wife last week?
 did Duran Duran bearded man, Saul’s alter-ego in Black Ops reach that far?

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