Homeland Series 2:latest Episode 7:aired on 2nd December 2012:warning spoilers only read if you have seen this episode:On in the UK on Channel 4 @9 pm on Sundays

in which Abu Nazir gets new contact lenses and i ask a lot of questions :

 So that what was different about Abu Nazir!  Was so busy staring into his cold reptilian evil eyes and thinking my what a close shave he had perfected on his chin i clearly missed that! He did seem unremittingly cold of glare..

Good but must admit find Brody’s officially suffering and paranoid face to be a bit funny and cartoonish.  Is he really stressing out that much to get all twisty faced or is he putting it on?

Question:having gone to all the trouble of sequestering a family away in a safe house from terrorists who surely were as adept at spy stuff as the C.I.A:why let the family call on a mobile?  & worse, mention the C.I.A?  Why does Carrie always just hang out outside Brody’s house in her car?  or big black van?  Like those wouldn’t be noticed in the suburbs?  or her, by watching terrorist/spies?

Oh yes and having gone to all the trouble of ensconcing the family in a safe house:why wouldn’t they have found one with enough bedrooms?

Why on earth wouldn’t Abu Nazir simply have killed Brody once Brody said he wasn’t down for killing innocent civilians even to avenge the death of Issa?  What good was Brody to him any more?  Surely he was a liability?  Wasn’t it really rather suspicious that Brody returned from his helicopter trip to an industrial estate alive?

This must be what ever delectable Estes with his shapely Spock ears in silhouette tonight, must think too..

A slight star-trek digression:
Hey, i’m not being mean about Este’s ears, i always liked Spock the best.The original Captain Kirk being clearly a twat.
Always more interested in chasing after floaty multicoloured gossamer clothed ladies from all over the galaxy and cracking truly terrible jokes taking the P out of Spock.  Without whom Captain Kirk would have been eaten by some furious and unamused monster or smushed by a large boulder long ago.

Every planet they ever went to being made up of giant oversized variously sized boulders and sand.That was it.  Until the eerie music and what then appeared in varying life form?….

Back to the action:
Did seem that storming in and shooting all the would be terrorist bad guys in a car park was not only a bit shocking and over the top of the C.I.A but also seriously blew Brody’s cover?

Had not the C.I.A thought that one through?  Or was that what Estes had pre-planned for with his specially ordered hit man Quinn?

Surely Brody is at risk from both sides now unless…Unless that is Brody & Abu Nazir cooked this one up between them just for fun and to draw the C.I.A out?  Even act as a decoy to the soon to be happening real deal somewhere else?

It could be.  Since its all a bit too pat.  If Brody doesn’t get blatted by Abu Nazir & Co. then we will know.  He’s not just a double agent he is a triple.  Hopefully so otherwise dear 2.2 family is ripe for the chop.  Safe house or not.

Ah, the invisibility of Chris and the sad paucity of his lines.  Really do think Dramas revolve around young teenage girls for no other reason other than to show them in some embrace, undress, and or especially in some slightly ickily too close relationship with their Dad/Step-Dad.

I only point this out since the son is never given equal screen time nor relationship time or depth with their Dad the same.  The poor kid Chris has so far managed one obviously much needed and heartfelt hug with his Dad.  & that was only a few episodes ago.  Out of the whole two series.

His Dad looked mildly bemused.  Since he largely ignores Chris.  Yet Dana questionably stays over at Mike’s.  Really?

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