Homeland Series 2 Episode 6:A potted review:warning spoilers as per usual only read if you have seen this episode

My potted review of Homeland Episode 6 posted on Charles Reynold’s weekly Independent Newspaper on-line Blog on Homeland- his enjoyable review of that episode which can be read there was entitled:
 ‘I’ll Fly Away.’

My comment:

ha ha:) really enjoyed your review, thank you:

“an industrial estate on the outskirts of Reading”! add that to your “golf resort in Wales” the other week for the country house/Playboy mansion look-alike for the fundraiser!

Its these touches of semi-Carry-On Spying that actually endear Homeland to me,

Finally, i thought, Abu Nazir has taken his identifying i am a Muslim turban off (for the Americans) and we all know how mistaken they get about such things! Plus he has some spiffy new photo-sensitive glasses. “Nicholas”! he growls,seductively, is Brody in for the chop or just a brand new dose of mind manipulation and brainwashing?

I did start to wonder quite early on in this episode, whether Brody was in fact playing Carrie. When he went and crouched in the corner amongst other things. Just like he lay on the concrete floor of the interrogation room for the longest time.

A bit too long perhaps?

Considering that inexplicably, Brody has never been offered a talking ‘cure’ or counselling for his years of hell then bountiful brain-washing:we cannot really judge his level of real recovery at all. We are meant, somewhat dubiously, to believe that it was Carrie who effected this breakthrough and the resulting breakdown/meltdown of Brody in her i am good cop interrogation.

This episode reminded me of just how tiresomely shouty and sweary the original series was. Mainly the various men in ‘power’. Here we have the admittedly delectable Estes unnecessarily shouting about Carrie’s activities to Saul.

However, whilst hat off to the reviewer for avoiding crass jokes over the motel shagathon the whole thing is decidedely icky. The prurience and horror with which it is treated is obviously different than if it had been a male agent. Probably they would have a) turned that one off or b) cheered him on and congratulated him when he returned!

However i find it rather depressing that we are meant to believe that its perfectly OK for a C.I.A woman agent in this day and age to act as a honeytrap like back in the Cold War days?

Surely, putting this questionable point aside:this is why Carrie, or an actress rather than an actor is in that role:so she can be perved on whilst she indulges in ear-splitting aural soft-porn which is deemed OK since its for her Country?..

Surprised they haven’t shown her in the shower yet. Still, they did get her into a hospital gown and nicely writhing whilst supine, receiving E.C.T, twitching satisfactorily all over for our delectation..

Nb. I see from this week’s episode that the WWII style black tin-hatted Swat but not Swat team that blatted everyone in the Tailor from Gettysburg’s house were indeed terrorists! As Carrie claims:the big beefy guy who they are currently watching was the one (i presume) who took his helmet off and looked around.

So there really is a practising team of black tin hatters somewhere in the States we are meant to believe. Hanging out in some eponymous warehouse practising Swat tactics and perusing the internet perhaps for more fetching vintage memorabilia that they might wear..

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