New! The Killing III (Forbrydelsen III) last series on in UK Saturday BBC4 @9pm-two episodes back to back-started Saturday 18th November 2012-This review posted also on weekly Guardian Blog on The Killing III

The Killing III First episode posted on The Guardian Blog Sunday 18th November 2012
Warning:contains spoilers only read if you have seen these first two episodes.

Oh, C’mon, i think from a quick scan here that it may just be myself and Mike65ie who agree that this was deeply disappointing, faintly ludicrous, chock full of so many cliches bounding and rebounding about the metaphorical and tiresome plot as to resemble the scene in the Big Bang theory in which Sheldon and Leonard try to find each other in a children’s ball pit play pen…

Perhaps it was the excitement of the anticipation and the high level of expectation attached to my viewing of the first episode of the Killing III. My near heroine worship of our indomitable Sarah Lund. However i remind myself now of the near Eastenders on a holiday feel and disappointing parts of Forbrydelsen (FB) II.

Perhaps FB II was even then, much as we were swayed with it’s dark dealings and the inscrutable Strange which almost absolved it, hovering perilously over the eponymous shark?

Sorry but for me I just found Lund in this to be mostly incredibly annoying. The first few scenes which were indeed tiresomely cliched (old be-grizzled cop when she is obviously neither gets long year service and due to settle down in boring office job) Lund seemed determinedly fixated on the wondrousness of getting her Diploma and a ceremony which involved her dressing up in uncomfortable and for her, usually tedious dress uniform.

“But i have to go back to the ceremony”! she kept insisting to stock square-jawed policeman from her past from special Branch. Really Lund? I mean really? Had she been put on a course of Mogadon come tranquilizers or something? Carrie in Homeland after 6 weeks of Electro-convulsive shock treatment was more lively than Lund..Had Lund been hypnotised or something into liking office work? never mind Diplomas and Ceremonies?

Ditto Lund’s halting and most un-Lund-like apology/Hallmark moment to her son Mark on the ‘phone. Yes, I know we were meant to feel moved and sympathetic but it didn’t work. Like most of everything else for me in this first episode.

 The politicos speaking unnaturally loudly and perpetually walking and plotting. Been there. Done that. Don’t care. Didn’t even care to figure out exactly who was who which was made frustratingly unclear. For a long while I was convinced that “Zeeland” was a minor country or far-flung part of Denmark!

It was too similar and cliche ridden with other cliches yet eternally re-cycled from Borgen, FBII, The Bridge, and so on..& yet another preternaturally adolescent in appearance small girl has to get kidnapped and put at metaphorical risk. Kidnapped through a hole in the “security fence” whilst other times she is free to wander in a large Forest? Cue the usual shots of her bed, her clothes, even her little Kitty collections..

Bit worrying that the surveillance carried out by the big baddie seemed to include her bedroom somehow? Otherwise how did they know she liked cats? Question:why is it always young girls/teenagers who are the victims in these horrific murder mysteries? is it ever a boy? nope. Cue, yet again, a’ la FBI, the multiple hidey holes and torch-lit moments and concentrated shots of her beds and pathetic hand-prints and scratched name on the wall..

I will try to take it seriously and consider possible perpetrators however it all seemed to in your face and peaked too early for me all in one episode and Lund seemed to take forever to come out of her dazed and fixated on family and gardening and meaningful moments stare. She was even shown bargaining over a wheelbarrow at the first killing site! Hugely unlikely and rather unprofessional:what?

p.s I never thought i would say this but i started to find the ‘plinky-plonk’ music signifying a clue has transpired into the ethereal ether of Lund’s existential moment frozen on screen to have become just plain annoying..

further comment posted on Guardian Blog 19th November 2012
So:any good reason at all for the viewers to see sarah Lund on the loo?
My answer would be nope:other than an excuse top get an actress’s pants down.
& if you don’t think that is sexist then can you imagine showing a male character likewise?

**My Blog notes***

Nb. it is pretty much heresy to dare to describe The Killing as not very good, as i have with these first two episodes of The Killing III Indeed my posting on the Guardian Blog was summarised as such. Perhaps it will improve.  However in the space of two episodes we have already discovered the mad murderer’s (or is he?) lair, two torture victims, one sailor who jumped in the sea and met some inexplicable death by speedboat. I’m guessing it was via the propeller or do outboard engines still have those?

 Then we had multiple politicos, striding and strutting about, all mostly male except for a female spin-doctor (i think) all in really nice suits and suitably slim.  Nobody funny and human like the large politician in FBII.  I counted one very incredibly suave cardigan.  Every politician has to go to great lengths to travel out to the seaside for private talks.  Much as it is interesting for a while to see windswept Danish seaside near industrial areas one does wonder why politicos never can just find a quiet corner for a chat?

It was hard to feel any sympathy for the various politicos or engage with them since we knew absolutely nothing about them or even their politics.  Veterans of Borgen will be familiar with this type of set-up and remember that vague terms such as “the central party” may not mean anything like we may think it does.

 It was quite a long time before we discerned that one of the politicos was in fact the Prime Minister.  Well i thought he was until it transpired that his lady love, another undefined minister or party member was plotting with him to nominate him as the Prime minister.

 Think i have that right. Hard to keep interest in that side of so far.  He is meant to be a nice politico i believe since he makes fair sounding statements about some kind of political hot potato of the day linked to the even vaguer sounding “financial crisis”.  Then he kept staring off into the distance whenever the kidnapped child was mentioned which we were meant to take as him having a heart.  He also scuttles off for various semi-clandestine meetings with his afore-mentioned lady love of brown hair and some other party.  For some reason they can’t declare their love or their political plot yet.  Couldn’t really tell which.  That side of it too, was hard to maintain interest in.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch or rather the extremely large house in the forest lives the head of the company Zeeland, whose house is so grand you believe it is he who is the Prime Minister,,but no.  He has really great suits, the best of all the men, the politicos that is.  Black with startlingly white shirts.  Which become slowly more dishevelled as time goes on.   He also appears to be a sympathetic character on the grounds of caring deeply for his daughter of long flaxen hair who wanders off into the forest from whence he has to call her.

This is starting to sound a bit Brothers Grimm.  He has a son too, but of course, as in most dramas, the son barely gets a look-in and it will be the daughter to whom horrible things happen and or is the apple of Daddie’s eye.  All a bit icky really..

Throw into the great big pot an illegal Eastern Europen brothel in town that becomes linked with the van of the kidnapper, umpteen various ladies of the night pulled in for questioning into the Police station, the eponymous stereotypical snarling pimp describing how he so very generously took some girls to live in an abandoned garage since;”all the properties in town have been re-possessed” Geddit:link to the financial crisis.

  & there you have it:just about every Police procedural/ murder mystery drama cliche that has ever been…
Oh, forgot the of course divorced state of our main hero the Dad whose daughter has been kidnapped:cue beautiful and estranged wife blaming him and each other for it happening.  Sigh..

it is possible that i was a bit bored i realise, to have noticed such things as the mens’ suits and their actual colour and the presence of a very British looking cardigan and shirt ensemble sported by the man on the staircase talking to one of the politicians who is asked to hand over his sandwich..

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