New Series of Homeland in the UK Sundays @9 pm Channel 4 Episode 6:Warning contains spoilers only read if you have seen this episode. Posted 23rd November 2012

***snippets & dialogue***

In which the beautiful Palestinian handler, Roya Ahmed, has grown a British accent all of a sudden!   A posh one at that.

&Saul visit Aileen who tells him:
“23 hours in the cell, one hour to walk around, go to the crappy library or eyes are shot, look at that light!”..
Gee, does she have to be shackled hands & feet?  She bargains for a cell with a window with a view..
Carrie visit Quinn in hospital:so he’s alive!  bleep bleep. He presses his buzzer.
“I gotta get out of this dress!” he says.  Gets up and appears to be wearing a sumo wrestlers thong for some reason!  We see his bum.
“Really?, right in front of me?”
“Like you never seen a dick before?!”
err, that not the point?

Jess & Brody:
She asks him if he killed Tom as claimed by Mike.
  Brody is really running with this whole new telling the truth gig!  Thing is, its genius, it works!
Him:”The C.I.A, Tom, he lost his way, yes I did”

Brody yells @Carrie! Then Carrie & Quinn discuss him”He’s stressed:Of course he’s stressed, he’s a double agent”! Quinn:”Empower the guy”..

Super hot Estes arrives at the Country house in a a pale purple shirt with only one button buttoned on his suit.  Soul suit style.  Later i note that Estes has pointy Spock ears. But thy’re still cute.

Carrie meets Mike:
Carrie:”There’s a terrorist attack on the horizon..cease and F-ing desist!  I hope you get what you want”
 i bet you do Carrie.
“they might need you soon..”(Jess & the kids)

Brody meets the baldy fundraiser ex Vietnam veteran:Mr Henning who tells Brody:
“I don’t care much for Walden” and outlines his long term plan for Brody to be Vice President to Walden as President.
“Rex, honestly, I’m not that man, no, really!”  Still with the truth deal.
Carrie & Brody:
I knew they were going to snog!
“You know what I do feel used and played & lied to but I always feel good.  Two minutes with you and I feel good.  How do you pull that off?!  Good question.
Great line of the episode:
“I’m not mute!”  From surveillance guy in office to Quinn:relating on his mobile that:
“I’m her with the mute”! Quinn now popping pain-killers like they were Smarties.  Who knew that hospital gowns would be regarded as a dress by a guy?
***random musings***
i dunno, i’m starting to find it a bit pedestrian:kind of like terrorists R us versus good Ole military Homeland Home an Away soap opera? tragic and fairly ludicrous story of Aileen notwithstanding. eg. Would Aileen really have been left alone in that room all day to make and mend with Saul’s glasses? well i think that is how she did the deed.
Homeland received a big black mark from me last week for the completely gratuitous and unnecessary shot of young Dana in her pants. However that is pretty much, sadly, what the focus on young daughters rather than sons in dramas does seem to be for these days..
& why the resounding and oddly inexplicable silence over the so-called “terrorists” last week who clearly weren’t terrorists but a large an well trained swat but not SWAT team in their dinky WWII style black tin helmets?
Presumably showing one of the swat but not SWAT team taking off said black tin hat to show us his European/American? appearance was meant to be the killer dramatic blow?
Granted we have had our teachable Homeland moment that terrorists can look like Aileen however not that many terrorist surely are trained in teams to carry out military style operations in swat look-alike gear the aim of which was to remove a large black box which looked like an updated prop from Raiders of The Lost Ark?  
Oh yes and these so called terrorists all hang out in the States? Just perpetually training for this moment? a chance to don their beloved black tin hats perhaps..
My first thought was:having seen this plot subversion/surprise once before in a Drama, that it was a black-Ops super duper secret swoop from an equally super duper secret side of the Americans? and yet why kill all or most of the crew there? 
Just to avoid them seeing the dreaded box and turning into fiery skeletons a’ la Raiders of the Lost Ark?!cue complete plot twist and turn and serious questions asked from the CIA about who exactly is controlling/watching who? i predicted:however nothing..
& what was/is in the box? we were meant to presume explosives however we don’t know that for sure and if they weren’t ‘terrorists’ which i doubt then they were already watching and aware of the tailor from Gettysburg..
Wasn’t here talk of a mole in the first series???
Plus Brody never ‘fessed up his part in saving Abu Nazir from gettin sniped, did he? you would have thought they woulda put two & two together on that by now?
Why the special ops team would consider it necessary to kill or seriously injure the CIA lot remains quite a quandary   Just to get the box out?  As mentioned, i have seen this surprising and shocking scenario before in a drama, possibly The Unit.  As a dramatic device its very powerful.  i am surprised that the C.I.A lot were so accepting of a bunch of highly trained mysterious black tin heads swooping in and out.
Beyond being upset at the carnage and Carrie going all standard big bug eyed and contorted crying of face:nary a questioning word was said about it.   Mysteriouser and mysteriouser..
Instead we are forced back into the hum-drum life of a double agent spy congressman and his daughter’s more than pressing problem of having been in the car that killed someone.  Which really, in spite of her moping and mooning about somewhat, barely is creasing her furrowed brows.
Then we have Carrie & Brody meeting in the clearing in the forest glade outside the country house where Brody and the other rich and or politicos are meeting for a questionable fundraiser.  Why does this fundraiser involve staying at a house in the middle of nowhere in the coldish looking American countryside which surprisingly involves pool parties?  Its all very odd.
Just to ramp up a bit of excitement in a dull and plodding episode where the son, note, is invisible as always, we have to witness some Sexual.Tension. & the inevitable file under it writes itself: snog.
To further inject officially interesting into a pedestrian plot this week we are subjected to the boring take over of a strand of the story by gruff Gruffalo of voice, Saul.
Kindly, fatherly, Uncle Saul. Who we are meant to believe gets up close and personal and emotionally opens up to a convicted would-be terrorist.  Who was plotting against his country.  All on the basis of them getting along and having a nice jolly chat on their road trip back to super-max and a cabin-like windowless cell and shackles for feet and wrists whenever she came out.
Yes, ’cause Saul is just like so kind and human.  Humane even, compassionate.  He just always chats about his marital problems to terrorists.  Or maybe its just the pretty girl terrorists.  i dunno.  Perhaps its all a play.  His play.  His kindness however and possible loss o perspective is what gets Ailen killed. Or rather allows her to kill herself.  With a pair of glasses he left behind.  It really wasn’t clear.  He definitely brought paper cups for the red wine. 
 Poor Aileen.  Would be terrorist or not. i wouldn’t have liked to live like that either.  Well unless they let me have paper and pen.  Pretty sure she wasn’t getting out in a very, very long time, like never.

*footnote* from Series 1

Regarding Aileen i remember how her husband Raqim, was shot from outside the house when standing inside in a hail of bullets and how Aileen escaped a trip-wire rigged to explode the house.  Now none of that was the work of the C.I.A was it? They didn’t even know about Aileen and hubby at that point. It has to be the black tin hat men, who must be another set of mysterious operatives?..

Even if the C.I.A did know about the pair, Aileen and Raqim, and we weren’t in on it:does trip-wires and machine gunning people inside their homes seem likely methods of operation for the spy lot? methinks not..

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