My Review of The Killing Three III posted here 28th November 2012 and on The Guardian weekly on line Blog on The Killing III hosted there by Vicky Frost:warning Spoilers only read if you have seen these episodes

So:it did get better.  I was going to say good. However i still feel strangely disconnected from the Killing III.

Yes, i am growing fond of Zeuthen and the Prime Minister (Kristian Kamper) and Maya is believable too.  So is Juncker.

Also like the P.M’s spin-Doctor lady, Karen and beardy man Stoeffer.  Thats it really.

It has occurred to me that Sarah Lund is deliberately playing herself.  In that her character is unsympathetic and cold and deliberately so.

So this is what everyone, or more specifically her family, are talking about!

Yet why didn’t i care in the other Forbrydelsens? i don’t know.  Somehow i was on her side in those.

Seeing Sarah deal with Eva who may well have been hoping for some cosy girly chat, even talk of knitted booties was reminiscent of Howard & Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory reaching with puzzlement for the useful phrase “there, there”!
Poor Eva as Sarah just blanked her and told her to go to bed!

Still, Sarah is in the middle of a rather important case. A fact which her family, as per usual, seem to forget.

Of course this sorta thing never happens to male Detectives.  If rarely.  Although occasionally they will get a trip to guilt trip city:”You were never there” etc.

In most American Cop Dramas the family are inordinately proud of the Cop Dad/son/daughter. Such a Cop is akin to a priest/Marine/saviour of the modern world.

Yes, the pace of TKIII as i pointed out last week and agreed here now is frenetic yet to me flat as well.

Since all trepidation and tension of a scenario has been punctured like a slowly escaping tyre.  Since we know already so & so is dead and its all a waste of time.  Like Sarah pretty much does.

Except for the young victim whom we hope against hope will not be sacrificed. That overpowering worry and the now present invisible shooting gallery effect whereby, much as in the end of The Bridge, you are eyeing up each character, with a view to their possible dastardly demise.

Of course the skittery eyed oddly acting pathologist was dead.

We knew that once she made the phone call:probably from the autopsy bench as she lay, blood draining away to give her more time to phone?

Of course it was going to be her under the sheet. & of course cue clattering in the darkness from lurking mad murderer.

What do murderers hang about dark hospital like cavernous spaces for anyway?  Other than to engage dear Sarah on a cat & mouse chase down said creepy corridors?

Don’t think they’re staying behind to clean and polish the tiles…

So yes:the only real dramatic tension now is us waiting and wondering who’s next for the metaphorical chop.

That and the persistent worry over the child, Emilie.  Surely he wouldn’t?  We tell ourselves.  Well as Bridge watchers know and past programmes i have sadly been party to:there are no rules any more in dramas.  All bets are off.

Now that i like our alternate hero  of the piece, Robert since it isn’t really Sarah for me any more i am going to worry that he will be needlessly sacrificed just to prove his love of his daughter.  In a highly unorthodox decision to involve him.

However the mad maelstrom of the action so far has all been like that.  Question: how long and exactly where is Sarah supposed to carry around Emilie’s phone waiting for mad murder to call? As pointed out here , having to interrupt a conversation since mad murderer was calling whilst having a heart to heart with Mark was bordering on ludicrous.

Does mad murderer keep to office hours?

So fa i have to admit, all Sarah’s decidsions have been right.

However i continue to feel disconnected from this FB & Sarah Lund, even though i found myself thinking:
“She’s got her groove on & she has a new jumper!”

I really can’t aerate my brain over the perpetrator nor dwell on yet another child sex-ring/higher up in government plot.

Nor, perhaps i expended all political interest on Borgen, can i be bothered at all about the political shenanigans.(other than to note that brown-haired Rose is annoying & untrustworthy)

Beyond noting that my original take on Kristian our main politico hero was correct. he is the Prime Minister (PM) and as far as i can tell, campaigning for re-election.  On an ever eternally travelling giant bus.  With a toaster.  & that there are 8 different parties.  Nuff said.

As mentioned here:I can see this is going to be a running gag:that every episode Kristian gets bread or a sandwich from the other guys.  Just like Inspector Montalbano getting shirtless every episode!

Now, as we know, the PM’s general mooning about over photos of Emilie and increasing obsession with the case is somehow linked to either the deaths or divorce of his own family and son.

I did wonder would Karen really force him, insensitively, to visit his old family home if they had all died?  or perhaps that is exactly why he keeps it and she was pushing him to grieve properly bla blah..

Nb.  I’m finding the mood music & the intrusion of The Killing theme to be annoying, intrusive & unnecessary.  Turn it off

please. It belongs at either end of the episodes surely?

yet more cliches:
Oh no:not the old image/reflection in the mirror trope?

Boring Hallmark/psychobabble chat in car with Sarah & Mathias:
  “You left”..bla blah

Matthias is hot.  Officially too hot

Ok cliche:
Zeuthen & Maya @Carsten’s place.  Of course we want them to get back together! & Carsten is being a bit of an insensitive twat considering the circumstances!

Ah, Zeuthun & his-ex wife finally connect as she breaks down jaggedly and he comforts her…

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