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Dear Readers, i just posted a review on the new and last ever series of The Killing which just started in the UK on BBC4.  First two episodes were yesterday, 18th November.  My posting dated today gives a review i posted on the Guardian weekly Blog on The Killing III and my own further notes only posted here, at the bottom of that post.

Other TV news is that Southland is back: yey!  Just started last Thursday at 10pm on the channel More 4.
I have written at long, quite loving length about Southland here previously.  Too early to tell if this new series will reach the heights of the last few.  I really rated it.

***The Last Resort***
Other good TV i’m watching at the mo is something called The Last Resort which should be rubbish and would have been but for the really good actors in it.  The hero is the Captain of the submarine:Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Breugher) who once was Frank in Homicide, Life on The Streets. It also has the guy in it from the likewise far better than it seemed:The Unit.  Mainly because The Unit was filmed by Ridley Scott& directed by Tony Scott.

The guy from The Unit plays the same role he did in that:which is the sergeant in charge of the men.  On the submarine he is called the Cobb.  He too, like Captain Marcus Chaplin is electric on screen.  In fact they pretty much carry the whole thing between them.  Plus The Last Resort is pleasingly butch and manly.

 Although it does have some cringe worthy officially Hawaiian appropriate cultural moments in it.  Officially Hawaiian whilst obviously not Hawaiian at all beautiful woman who falls for the oh so handsome Navy SEAL guy takes him to the special place where her brother will “have his initiation ceremony tomorrow, into a man” of course it is a special lagoon “only for the men” cue them both dis-robing and jumping in for the inevitable watery snog..

There is dark stuff too.
Whilst t is all a bit ludicrous but not completely so:this could, you feel, really happen & the Captain of the submarine acts the rest of them off the screen, loving every minute of his role as Commander of rogue submarine being pursued, wrongly and inexplicably by his own Navy and conniving baddies back in the White House…

There is also an eponymous United nations Frenchwoman who astounds everyone by knowing exactly how to plot a chart and every inch of the depth of the harbour in which the submarine has to successfully run by the American flotilla hunting it after it having picked up mysterious suitcases for the equally evil gangster guy holding three crew men from the submarine hostage..

***footnote***More background to the plot
Perhaps i should have explained, having somewhat run away with the plot.  They are all jolly and happy in their submarine in the beginning, which signals of course that sometime very soon it is all going to go horribly wrong.  Swanning and swooping around the seas in a submarine by the way manages to look great fun.  To cut a long story short they are given some rather odd orders to nuke Pakistan shortly after having picked up some sweaty large and spooked out SEAL guys from a rubber dinghy in the middle of the sea.

 The SEAL guys of course will not tell them anything about their naturally secret mission.  The SEAL guys for some reason seem to be a bigger size in scale to the submarine guys.  Possibly it is an advantage to be a bit smaller to work on a submarine.

The main SEAL guy is seriously handsome and is our kind of alternate hero of the piece.  He mainly pouts a lot and tried to look thoughtful and pondering whilst he knocks back shots at the Hawaiian bar.   Ruminating on his terrible combat memories and dreadful deaths he has seen.  Most particularly his mate who he has insisted should be stored in the freezer of the bar.  But i digress..they’re not in Hawaii yet.

The happy scenario having been established and it is signposted that there are women on board as part of the submarine crew.  Then Captain Marcus Chaplain and his right hand man the Commanding Officer (C.O) who is, of course, hoping to get home soon to pretty blonde haired fiance at home and not be a submariner any more, shortly receive orders to nuke Pakistan. err..

But wait, this order have been relayed through the “Antarctic channel” a most unusual method and one supposedly only used when America has ceased to exist.  It is as an emergency channel.  Since Captain Marcus Chaplin and his CO both have the special keys to unlock the missiles for this order they decide, half-way to doing this with their keys inside, to check the order.  By bringing up American TV to check and calling the bosses back State side.

Strangely, the bosses back in the Whitehouse confirm the order and both
men decide to disobey.  They disengage their keys and thence engage in some pretty nifty sailing under the seas to escape their then imminently threatened demise from umpteen missiles fired by their own Navy.

Luckily, and somehow this escapes being a cliche: the submarine is equipped with a special cloaking device designed by a clever and beautiful weapons expert back in the States who tracks their progress and follows leads from various contacts who don’t last long and disappear with sudden shellfish allergies. The beautiful weapons expert alone knows the truth that differs from the news on TV which is declaring the sub to have gone rogue and the crew to all be terrorists and the Captain and his CO to have committed treason.

 The beautiful weapons expert tells a kindly grey-haired Admiral who is the Dad, of course of the woman Commander on board.  Naturally the woman Commander is all quiet and shy at first and gets empowered and assertive along the way. I’ve called her a Commander since i don’t know the name of her job.  She has authority over the Cobb however.

 Meanwhile the C.O’s fiance back home is detained for questioning by the American government but is eventually released and she too decides to fight back, after looking all woeful and winsome and crying, by shouting at all the journalists camped out on her lawn that she is an American Citizen and demands the truth.

 There is some complicated stuff involving the United Nations army on Hawaii who have really great camouflage in blue and grey.  So the submarine ends up in the bay of a beautiful Island in Hawaii.  Captain Marcus Chaplin will not give in…

There are more dastardly deeds untold by me and the plight of the French United Nations lady who has stayed behind after all of her crew left in order to help the submarine guys with her chart reading skills is not looking good.  Since the evil gangster guy is threatening her unless she brings him proof of mineral riches in the beautiful hills of the Island.

Already the French United Nations lady has lied to the gangster of the island, bringing him wrongly coloured water filled test-tubes. Now she has taken the admittedly nice and handsome C.O who she has rather a crush on, up to said hills declaring their beauty and telling him that he has the power in the Island now…

Hopefully this sizzling yarn won’t descend into some maudlin new Eden style scenario: hence the women crew?..

 Likewise the new series Arrow is hugely enjoyable and has the added bonus of completely daft Lost-type flashbacks to our heroe’s time shipwrecked on a desert Island and looked after by a mysterious bearded Japanese man in a cave all the time hunted by quick-fire giant net traps set up by mysterious other men on the Island.

  All great fun except for the syrupy meaningful moments/required human interest parts in it.  I go make a cuppa tea in those.  All the men in Arrow are incredibly handsome:so much it almost hurts your eyes.  However you get used to it after a while.  So far only the hero’s bodyguard (ex-Marine from Afghanistan) had been let into his deep dark secret which is that he is not just a shallow , clubbing, warehouse buying socialite billionaire miraculously returned from declared death at sea.  he is really Arrow, super duper arrow-shooting building climbing, flying and jumping crusader and killer of the bad guys of the City.

You see Arrow has a list:of all the men who have wronged his Dad who unfortunately thought it was the right thing to do to put a bullet in his own head whilst still floating at sea on the life raft.  Arrow has all these names written in his special diary which he takes out and naturally crosses the names off, one by one as he takes his revenge on those named..  Quite when he filled the book in or became party to this knowledge whilst on the Desert island wherein he is pictured in a flashback finding the blank diary on his dead Dad:is not clear..

Still, Arrow must be the baddest and the coolest bad ass semi-super hero in town for a very, very long time..I lke the touch of Batman about it. Of course he has a workshop where he makes incredible gadgets and peruses his computer screens and does upside down pull-ups from a beam in the ceiling with no shirt on whilst carrying long loops of chains!  No, really!:)
 Oh yes & Arrow doesn’t have a disguise:he just wears a hoodie!

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