Dear Readers:a note of a posting 23rd November 2012, Friday:Homeland Episode 6 (i think) and an added plot explanatory footnote to The Last Resort

Dear Readers,
just posted a write-up of Homeland Episode 6.  Have posted one on the first episode.  Will have to find the date of it somewhere on here.  Note to self:need a search facility on here.

Nb.  How much brilliant fantastical fun was Hunted?! It finished tonight. With great dramatic abandon in it’s denoument…

Southland, on Thursdays More 4 in the UK, is shaping up quite well however not sure yet it will measure up to the high standard, giddy even, heights of the preceding series..

Also just posted a long review of Hatifum which i have had for ages. It was on early this year on Sky Arts Channel 281 in the UK, it may be on DVD/Blu-Ray by now.

 Really rated Hatifum: it is the original upon which Homeland is based.  This is a review with no dialogue as i just couldn’t fit it all in..

Hatifum means Prisoners of War in Hebrew and it is in Hebrew with English subtititles and set in Israel.  Realise it may not be to everybody’s taste it is very slow moving, sparse even and quiet and some might say meandering but it really grew on me like roses.

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