Transcript of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Bridge:Episodes 3&4:Spoilers:Read only if you have seen these episodes:posted on Guardian Blog & here Wednsesday 2nd May 2012

  • 2 May 2012 9:55PM
    hi saugatojas, hey thank you very much! i only went on here meaning to put up some references to articles in a certain paper and then went on writing..this Blog is so voluminous i wasn’t going to continue after Episode 1&2 and now, like Hotel California, i’m trapped…

    Very interesting what you say about the blond hair. i hadn’t clocked that.That was some submissive, severely so, relationship for them wasn’t it? for both wife and daughter is somewhat extreme. i guess i had just accepted Charlotte as an oddity and glad of the humour, she is like an escapee from a seriously boring French film, non?!

    I am very interested to learn about that:personality disorder. it makes sense and could well be what she has. Or she could just be really very P-ed off for wasting her life and love and submitting to a wig wearing control freak of a husband who she moved heaven and hell to get a new heart for and then he told her he didn’t even love her!

    It could well be a bit of both. She does seem to lead a very sheltered life which would only increase such a disorder? It sounds like some level of paranoia would be involved in what you describe too perhaps?

    There does seem to be a fashion at the moment for such diagnoses seemingly only been declared on women in dramas though? why is it only the women i wonder? i do question that and wonder if it is sexist in origin and why is it only the women characters who have these disorders or are described and discussed as “odd”?

    eg. did any one ever call similar male Detectives odd like they are about Saga? Dirty Harry for ex. numerous non-grinning nor bothering with any social niceties Detectives? they are all seen as cool. Is it more remarkable for a woman Detective not to evoke emotion? it seems so..

    for you and @ ALL here:
    before i forget and disapear to see the new Remake of The Killing (please don’t let there be another Blog or i will never get anything done!) here are some tit bits for we Bridgeophiles:
    in the Independent on Tuesday1st May there were two pieces on The Bridge:
    Susannah Frankel in:
    ‘Resisting the urge to change clothes maybe no bad thing’
    discusses the two looks of Sarah Lund and Saga. i quote:
    “the fact that both characters in question positively light up the screen but appear not to care one iota about what they wear is brilliantly liberating”

    second piece was by Gerald Gilbert:The Weekend’s viewing: Silent Witness & The Bridge in which he amusingly tests the theory that we Scandi crime lovers are taken in by the subtitles only. he watches Silent Witness with just subtitles to test this theory:guess what? it doesn’t stand up!

    he discusses the Bridge at the end of the article and compares them:
    “Certainly none of the dialogue in Silent Witness came any where near the wit of Saturday’s The Bridge..”
    (the conversation where Saga is listing the profile of the killer and we think it’s her!)
    bye for now:more moping in the rain is on it’s way in Chicago..hope no more poor sea-lions have to die..

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