Transcript of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Bridge:Episodes 3&4:Spoilers:only read if you have seen these episodes:posted on Guardian Blog & here on Wednesday 2nd May 2012

  • 2 May 2012 9:08PM
    Hey, Lithop, thanks for your reply:Yes, i too thought she was fabulous and very beautiful. i am liking all the women characters in The Bridge so far. i liked her strength, which is why i tend to enjoy Scandi Dramas, they give women decent parts..
    (oh dear unless they are in two parts:ha de har)

    i’m glad you feel the same way:i thought it was absolutely horrific and bordered on fetish, not to mention torture/hostage/terror porn? i don’t even know the word for it..if it has more stuff like this i may have to stop watching it, even though i really like it. i think the worst thing apart from the slow blood letting was his utter terror and captivity. Plus the whole internet/you can do this at home feel to it?!

    Yes, Charlotte, hilarious or what?! Yes, even, as you say, “the way she smokes”! brilliant. Almodavar is spot on. Glad she’s in it for a touch of humour. Although she could well go postal yet!..

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