Transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholso n’s Guardian Blog on Homeland :no spoilers

  • 4 May 2012 6:01PM
    & to @ thecoordinator:
    It’s really ok, @Sunnyone, i will carry on!
    and to @ coordinator i would say, yes, i have felt uncomfortable on this Blog reading comments about Jess, seeing words that i would normally only expect to see describing page three of the Sun, reading comments such as”I’d be all over that” I’d give that a good… insert jokey metaphor.etc. In the early days of the Borgen Blog i felt the same. The merits of “blondes, vs. brunettes” etc were discussed and so on.
    These i’m sure you will probably say are just “jokes” har de har, but i would suggest to you that describing women in terms of nouns as above objectifies them within regular language which only reinforces such thinking?
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