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26 May 2012 8:39PM
Oh, hey, thanks Guardcattk123, although i fear i repeated myself somewhat as i do..
Yes, i’m glad you agree, i just think it is a meme which has become attached to the show, just as happened with The Killing & Sarah Lund.

It’s like a game of Chinese whispers. Nobody knows who first exactly said it and where. But everybody is swearing it is true. and the proof is? actual proof i mean? that was a quote from the creator of the show himself and yet people still refute it.

Yes, good point! it is a male characteristic so i was surprised he was, although only fairly mildly, criticised for it! However whether people like it or not and they usually don’t since such woman characters usually come in for a lot more moral judgement and out comes the stable of offensive ‘S’ words:serial shagging is a female characteristic too!

certainly people seemed much taken and surprised that Saga indulged in exactly the same way and it was discussed more i would say as being “cold” etc..Whereas Martin & escapee from bad French/porn film Charlotte falling into bed at the drop of a hat or a dubious wig was barely judged at all. Apart from the utter ludicrousness of it as a scene that is..or was that just me?:)

26 May 2012 8:56PM
26 May 2012 8:56PM
aha, a fellow romantic! not that i usually wish for the imaginary break-up of an imaginary marriage on a drama, but i thought so too:) ahhhh…i think he was in love with her:he told her such detail about the move and somehow made it sound like he was being banished to the outer archipelago, didn’t he?!
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