The Bridge:Episodes Three & Four BBC4 Sunday @ 9pm G.M.T UK:Spoilers:only read if you have seen these episodes:This write up also posted on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Bridge (page twenty something)

  • 2 May 2012 1:53AM
    The Bridge:my feeling on it yes, i love it and the characters. Of course i love the multi-hued washed out watercoloured light and how they rarely emerge into full daylight. The dark subterranean feel of the corridors and deep green shadows of the underground warren of corridors of the Danish station through which Martin ‘s beautiful and elegant and stern as steel boss lectures martin on office politics on the move.

    My only problem with it is that overall the multitude of Altmanesque separate story lines has the effect for me of diluting the atmosphere. I also found the blood-letting story of poor tied up Bjorn distinctly depressing over time. This has to be, for me, the sickest thing i have seen on TV:and i have seen some sick things.

    We see a character slowly bleed to death by an outward blood transfusion live on the Internet. Great. Perhaps it was the very ordinariness of it which did it for me. The ease with which it could be accomplished at home.

    The casual and hence deeply sinister rinsed out plastic carton to drip the blood into drop by drop. Throughout the tick tock race to save him we are treated to clinically dispassionate updates from Saga on just how long he will take to die calculated on the amount of blood loss per hour.

    An agonisingly slow process watched on the internet. The man, Bjorn, gagged and strapped down by the hands, onto a chair. it took absolutely ages for him to die. Then we thought he had been saved just before that, but it was too late.. i found that story and depiction of the way he died creepy in the extreme.

    i do appreciate the unwitting inherent comedy in the scenes with Charlotte. As a poster here so admirably put what i had been thinking :”there’s a touch of Almodovar about Charlotte” there is! It’s all to do with her wig, her ever present macs, her refusal to get out of her grey silk slip a lot of the time, her sulking atmospheric silences.

    The scenes with Charlotte and her step-daughter were utterly incomprehensible mostly. i was half expecting to see Charlotte to reach under the well appointed kitchen counter for a long steely knife to dispatch her stepdaughter at any minute! Such is the brooding travelling atmospherics around Charlotte. She seems to hate her sulking but not grieving stepdaughter?

    i wasted a lot of time confused as to why the step-daughter said “there’s Dad on TV!” and mistakenly thought that Dad was Bjorn. But no, dad was Blake Carrington(as pointed out here) Well all the men taken did look very alike! Even when Charlotte ripped off that dreadful wig it still seemed right & not than unusual.

    i also liked the runaway girl’s story:how cruel & cold was her stepmother, telling her “to wait outside” all day? Her mother is definitely very weird & just completely ignores her except for slapping her. Even eats food in front of her and refuses to give her any. She is mad because the girl shoplifted. i reckon it was food.

    i too, like @ Vicky Frost our host, was barely breathing when she was taken in by very weird guy who kept forgetting who she was and a little worrying with his great big samurai sword and slicing through silk and everything. i was just glad he hadn’t sliced or diced her for dinner or something else.. Loving shots of her pants lingered to ours, the viewer’s eyes and necessarily his, when he comes to wake her up in the morning.

    Luckily, she gets his keys, having sensibly asked for them and goes out. Phew. He tells her the apartment will be hers by tomorrow night when he has to do his samurai job. Cool. She might get his apartment and be all right, you never know..

    Saga is drop dead beautiful with a shock of messy hair so bright it’s like a light bulb popped before your eyes. It’s the bedhead look. Impossibly tousled but fantastically chic. Like haute couture high fashion supermodel mooching moodily down the catwalk.

    Saga mirrors Sonja the homeless girl in her ultra street rock chick meets broken down supermodel pose. For Sonja it’s more broken down but she still rocked it, even with no shirt on. Sonja had a fake fur trimmed Afghan jacket on, one torn knee of animal print trousers and long legs for miles.

    Saga wears her favourite black leather trousers and is also long of limb and tall like some dayglo ashen blonde of centuries ago. My favourite Saga top is a football looking top with numbers on it. Green and long, with long sleeves, she throws it on over her long black leather trousers and manages to look like she would breeze in straight through to one of the hottest hippest night clubs in town…

    My personal theory on Saga is that she is just insanely clever, like a genius & she just doesn’t have time nor the patience for the emotional, touchy feely stuff. Surely she follows a long line of revered & taciturn heroes:Dirty Harry anyone? countless taciturn cowboys/spaghetti westerns, Spock even, they don’t bother with social niceties & they’re all cool aren’t they?.

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