Note to my Readers Saturday (or rather late Friday night) 12th May 2012

i think i have overwhelmed myself looking at the giant Wallander write-up i want to finish putting up of The Witness. it is all written but boy it is long.  It was like a feature length film the last one (boo hoo, we miss you Wallander! ) May battle away with that or put something shorter up.  Have Last episode of Homeland to put up and latest two episodes of Bridge.  Then i have The Killing Remake written and two episodes to put up.  Luckily that comes out as thankfully short.

Also i have seen the first episode of Prisoners of War which is the Israeli original of Homeland.  How exciting to re-discover Sky Arts 1 channel!  Like exploring the outer regions of the universe and returning.  How lucky i had it on Virgin media.  Not that i advertise on this Blog.  If i did it would be to extol the wonders of things like Green & Blacks cocoa at night, with a newspaper..  Yes, Prisoners of War was pretty cool.  Also not too much to write up.  Some daft bits in it which i enjoy..

Bad news is that you can’t seem to put music video up here anymore.  Not that i can figure out anyway.  i did have a yearning to put up Titanium.   Which kind of grew on me and then turned into a proper earworm..
my thought was that i could put it up here and pass on the earworm to all of you…

i also saw an entirely daft film which i am very fond of on the whole:daft films i mean.  The sort of ones that you start watching and think it is going to be all deep and meaningful, arty even, and then laboriously slowly (so you don’t stop watching too early) you catch on that it is a bit daft.  It’s just missed the boat by a fraction but it tried so hard.  it may even still think it’s a real meaning of life , the universe and everything kind of film.  It seems cruel to turn it off, that might tell it.  i like those kind of films.  They can be more fun sometimes than the drearily deep and meaningful ones.

ok i’ll get to the point, this one was called Breaking and Entering.  It had Jude Law being a bit stoical and square jawed but mostly cardboardy in character as an architect.  Plus Juliette Binoche as a very credible but overblinking refugee from Sarajevo.  Her accent was pretty damn good. She does get somewhat hysterical at one point.  To say more would give it away..file under mildly enjoyable daft film.  Where nobody gets murdered:yey!  

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