NEW! The Bridge:Final Two Episodes 9 & 10:SPOILERS:Only read if you have seen these two episodes posted here and on Guardian Blog by Vicky Frost for The Bridge on Sunday 20th May 2012

 i long ago gave up on the ridiculous plot which was, let’s face it, Scandi Almodavar which we weren’t allowed to laugh at. Instead having to find it all so very deep and meaningful. Yes, like the “lessons” learnt by Martin and the supposed natural plot demanded ‘sacrifice’ of his son to ‘atone’ for his sins. Why do Dramas now have to have meaningful moral point pushing? it’s tiresome.

      This is the point for me at which murder genre murdered itself. A slow self-cannibalising process which began a while ago and took off for real with the end of Those Who Kill. Helped along the way by various sacrificial murders that we had to accept of small children. You see the rules have now been broken irrevocably and there are no more.

      Was it me or did anyone else think the Gold Blend man Sebastian’s house was an exact carbon copy of Martin’s? isn’t that why Martin was standing in it in shock and silenced horror?

      Also, wasn’t the severely scary and sinister scene in the hugely atmospheric kitchen with Saga meant, several times to focus our attention on the knife in the kitchen drawer? (du na da nah..)& didn’t the knife appear to have a dull red ring around the top?

      Wouldn’t taking strong painkillers have hampered Saga’s performance both physically and mentally?

      myself i found the blackout scenes with just poor Auguste’s eyes or rather the whites of them visible only too horrific to watch. As well as the subtitled descriptions of his increasingly “laboured and panicky breathing”. Yes, we noticed that..
      Whilst mentally noting later in more settled moments the stereotypical buried alive scene. First immortalised in the Dutch film called i think, The Golden Egg?

      i was quite happy just to ignore all aforesaid improbabilities & ridiculousnessess piling up into one multiple pile up. Instead i glorified in the beauty of each astounding scene setting of the outside backdrop we were presented with before the subsequent and further improbable action. Too many to mention:each one simply stunning and beautiful enough to be a painting in it’s own right. One you would want on your wall. Well i would.

      Possibly the scene of the bridge seen from underneath and from the side with the cut across concrete monolithic walls was one of the best. But each & every urban landscape was up there. One of my favourites being the roundabout scene with Martin & Gold Blend Ad man Sebastian. (Yes, they were going round and round, we geddit..)
      Triangulated perfectly, like all of the tableaux in The Bridge, with delicately placed sapling trees.

      i thought it was unconscionable to have Auguste die. Just like it was Anja. it was one too many young innocent teenagers for me. i didn’t give a holy hoot about Martin & his transgressions and the moral righteousness of this as an ending. It was fairly obvious from the beginning that, although a likeable guy, Martin was a bit of a twat.

      What was with all Martin’s close up slo-mo panic attacks? those became really tiresome & annoying, sorry i wasn’t moved by the hand holding in the car, it all went on for far, far too long, becoming just plain silly.

      We had to be almost physically participant to Auguste’s breath constricted panicky fear in a (geddit) necessary mirroring of Martin’s own panic attacks. The scene where Auguste was chloroformed from behind & collapsed into a piteous crumpled victim heap was tragic & awful beyond redemption.

      Why on earth wasn’t the fin de siecle with Auguste have been planned by Gold Blend man on the bridge? Surely this is where it all started?

      Plus why on earth wouldn’t Martin have rightfully been immediately taken off the case because of his personal involvement? and ditto, why wouldn’t he have righteously ‘fessed up to his even more personal connection with the case from the get go? or at least as it became more and important that this was known?

      i agree with posters that Martin only corrupted Saga with his ‘lessons in lying’ when the truth could have saved some of the tragic happenings from even occurring. Saga didn’t learn anything beyond being unnecessarily (somewhat creepily) obedient to Martin & compromising his own safety & others. Being a stickler for the truth was her very laudable & admirable attribute necessary for her job & the trust/safety of her colleagues!

      Especially since Martin (having lost all impartiality & logic) was being successfully wound up by Gold Blend Ad man by zooming off on his very circular (as exemplified by the roundabout scene) goose chase.

      The whole hostage & shiny silver train scene i just could not take seriously at all. Would Martin, a seasoned Policeman really take an innocent hostage & be prepared to shoot her?! it was beyond ridiculous. Yes, he was compromising his ‘honour’ & his job for his son’s safety, we geddit. Just like Gold Blend baddie wanted him to. Yawn.

      Did it have to be so damn dour?
      give us back Anja & Auguste, it’s not fair, it’s all wrong…

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