New! The Bridge Final Two Episodes:transcript of my coments on Vicky Frost’s Gurdian Blog on The Bridge:SPOILERS:ONly ead if you have seen these episodes;posted here and there Sunday 27 th May 2012

  • 26 May 2012 5:07PM
    exactemente! yes,truly it was a feast for the eyes and i did personally love the Saga character, not seeing anything wrong with her at all…
    She was cool: her car was cool, her coat was cool, her bed-head tousled i never bother with blow-driers hair was cool, her whole let’s get to it shall we attitude was cool, her football jumper over leather trousers ensemble that looked like she was queue jumping into the coolest cool nightclub in town was cool. She was cool. Did i say cool? Look:even her cardigan was cool…

    n.b @All:
    One of my favourite scenes was the touching moment between Saga and Hans who has to be the most officially hunky hoodie wearer of all time and must go down in the annals of history for re-writing said stereotype of hoodie wearers however i digress. Yes. when Hans told Saga he was leaving and one small solitary tear rolled slowly down her cheek. Not long after we see Hans worriedly asking Martin:
    “Has Saga said anything about me?”
    Now i don’t know if this was the translation or whether it was deliberately left open to two interpretations. Which were (to my thinking) Firstly that he, as Saga’s boss and caring for her in a loving and platonic way was concerned as to how she had taken this news.
    Alternatively and purely based on the reported phrase as above:this is a classic ask of someone who is in love with somebody else. eg. “Have they said anything about me?”

    • 26 May 2012 8:26PM
      hey pdboxer i understand exactly where you are coming from on The Killing regarding the horror engendered by the very reality of it? Yes, i remember now feeling the same way and nearly giving up on it for that same reason.

      Perhaps it is that very realistic and normal quality of it that is the true horror? In other words we rarely see the real fall-out and day to day consequences of murder in such show, right? therein lies the real nightmare, huh..

      whilst conversely, as you say, the type of comic-book death and mayhem we can just fly by?

      when i first started watching True Blood for ex. i was appalled at the gore and violence. Then
       after a while i became tuned to the innate humour in it and realised it was comic book cartoon capers made real. Although i still look away in such scenes with lightening quick reflexes, honed by hours of practice whilst muttering “uuuurrrgghh?!”

      it’s interesting to note that folk of a younger generation than me have no “uuurrggghh” reflex at all that i can see? i suppose i worry and wonder if one day, i too will lose this natural reflex and become inured to all the gore, the horror, the ever inventive ways to die?!

      Yes, i have seen too much perhaps, i used to watch Criminal Minds for ex. a show which masquerades as being of psychological interest, well along with countless other Cop shows involving murder and leaving aside the irrefutable point that the murder victims are always women:i don’t think i’ve ever seen so many horrific and terrifying hostage capture/torture/murder scenarios in the whole of my drama watching life!

      i mean:why is it all murder now anyway? why?

      If you don’t feel happy watching The Killing i can well understand that. don’t listen to people making inane comments such as that. it’s just as daft as when i was attacked here for saying how i felt about The Bridge when it ended and being told “Well you don’t have to watch it”!
      errr…you nor i don’t know we didn’t like it until we watched it, duh!
      If you find The Killing is depressing you, don’t watch it mate. Come to think of it, it was depressing!
      Y’ know, worrying thought, not sure i even say “uuurrrgggh” as much as i used to…

      at the end of The Bridge i found myself mentally promising my poor psyche, serially battered from countless visually portrayed murders, that i really need to take a break from watching such stuff. So i thought:i’ll watch Prisoners of War. That will be ok, right?, wrong…

      Much as i’m enjoying it, Prisoners of War, it seems there is no escape in serious drama these days from scenes of utter horror, torture and death?
      Well there’s always Made in Chelsea and TOWIE, now nobody gets murdered in them, and then there is???

    Later, when Saga ring Hans to help her leave hospital and forces him to help her get dressed, he makes a strange half harrumphing sound as he is putting on her socks and zipping up her boots. Now this too, i felt was open to two interpretations: one being he was audibly clucking over her with concern like a loving father might. Or second:he was affected by dressing her and he felt embarrassed and or a bit overwhelmed.

    i wondered if indeed Hans was in love with Saga and this was why he was moving to Gothenburg and why his marriage had been affected?
    or perhaps i am just a romantic at heart…

    small note:re the theories postulated on here about the Tec computer lady being possibly trans-gender. i swear after one of their visits to the inexplicably separate giant warehouse where the Tec seemed esconced somewhat impracticably distant from the police station(?) Saga or Martin definitely refer to the Tec as “him” Just as we see the Tec inside grumbling:
    “A thanks would be nice!”

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