Homeland:Final Episode;Transcript:As it Transpired:Warning:SPOILERS Only read if you have seen this episode.:posted in full form on Sunday 27th May 2012

Brody does his suicide video! in uniform:
“People will say I Was broken, brainwashed, taught to hate my country”..
“I love my country, my action today is against such enemies, the Vice President, War criminals, this is about justice for 82 children!  whose murder is a stain on this nation’s soul!”

Caul & Carrie’s sister:
“This is a depession that comes in the wake of the mania”
“Let’s not kid ourselves, she’s never gonna set foot in Langley again..”

Carrie& Saul in her room:
Carrie:”Hi Mr. Berenson” 
She’s sitting in the dark (geddit)
“Tell me a story”!
“Abu Nazir, tell me you’re still looking into it?”
“Why did he do it, Brody?  Call Estes and rat me out like that?”
“He’s running for Congress, this man has poisoned your thoughts, your mind, cost you almost everything, forget him”!
“I can’t”..
“My God, you’re in love with him!” (duh)

Brody with his storage locker:
Handy.  Comes out.  Hides the memory chip in the forest and marks the place with chalk. (one stripe)

Walker:outside Bingo night in some building
Breaks into a car.

(crystal chiming)
Politicos.  Vice President:
“Thank you Elizabeth, all of us here in this room, promising to put America first..”

Estes chats urgently to Vice President:
(think this was about Walker)
“Change the venue..he can do a lot of damage”
Vice President:
” to both of us!”

Isabelle (from the Bingo night) n car with Walker in the back.  Walker pulls a gun on Isabelle.

Virgil & Carrie:Virgil:
“You’re gonna have to eat sooner or later..”

At home with Brody:
“You’re not coming to my karate match?”
Nope I have to do this  do with the Vice President”
Brody says grace:
“Hold this family close, with the light of your love..”!

Walker is making a hole in the window of the woman (Isabelle’s flat). She has the tape over her mouth.  How did he now her flat was perfect?
(n.b. the Homeland  forum posters noticed that tape had a small hole in for Isabelle to breathe)

Brody flashbacks to Abu Nazir in white :
Abu Nazir:
(who amusingly appears to be floating largely & glowing like a washing powder Ad in the air before Brody)
“purify your soul…all of life’s wasted time is behind you now..”
Brody prays:
“Allah akhbar..”

Daughter Dana interrupts!
“”Was that Arabic?  What does it mean?”
doesn’t she know what praying is?!

“It means…i converted to Islam!”
“Why do you wash your hands and feet like that?”
(public information message)
“Mum won’t get it at all”

Day TWO:(?!) (hadn’t noticed Day One)

“Where are my pills? i I need them!”
(why do they have charge of her pills?!
“I wanna go for a drive”..

Comes to see Estes:
“There’s a theory that Abu Nazir went out of action for a while..a tragedy, i think it’s a drone strike”.
“How did you find this? Why were you doing this?”
“I did a grid search”.
(rejects it)
“Go do your job..Vice President, (you’re) our man on the ground”..

Brody hugs his son way too hard, tries to say goodbye to Jess as Dana watches.

Carrie & Virgil
“Half of the government are going to be on one spot”
“It’s not our job”.
“It is my job, it alwyas will be my job.they all think it’s a sniper, it’s not!”

Brody gets his vest out of the cupboard.
(Wifey never questioned what was?! it’s lucky she’s so Stepford huh)

He puts it on-but it’s not armed yet?
Dana tries the door!
“I’m getting dressed”!
“I really don’t think you should go to this thing today”
she continues:(she hears it on the news)
“Intense security” (she’s warning him)
He puts vest back on.  Gets in car.
“Who are you?!” to man in car.
“I’m our Secret Service, I’ve been assigned to you for the day”
(really? is he in the right car?)

n.b. Dad won’t let Dana hug him for obvious reasons.  Presumably the vest is armed now?

Vice President & Estes:
Cosy chat.  They both know about the drone strike.
Vice President:
“I thought that paper trail was burned.”
“So did I!”
Vice President:
“Make Saul drop it!”

Carrie & Virgil:
“Lets focus on the high value target..a group of people who are never in the same place togehter..”

Walker prepares:very, very big gun!
Like how he dresses like the Cadbury Milk Tray man!
(i reckon he’s there to take out Brody actually)

Carri & Virgil:
“We’re on the wrong side of the barrier!”

Brody & Secret Service man:
Sergeant Brody, sure!” (says gate man)
(nobody has searched him!)
“Brody, what’s he doing here?”

Walker looks at Brody through his sights.  (magnified eye!)
“I’m just a platoon Sergeant..”
“He’s here..”
Vice President arrives.
“Sergeant Brody..”
“Mr Vice President”..

Walker-who? (is he shooting)
Walker shoots Elizabeth.
Vice President and everybody is ok.  Why?
Brody sets off metal detector but nobody notices!
***published up to here for now***
to be continued…

***will put up note (note to my readers) to say when it’s completed***

Part Two:
…they all go to the bunker..

“What a F- up!”
Brody:(to man in loo)
“I know who you are”

meanwhile outside:
Carrie to Saul:
“This is just stage one..assassination, the the Vice President will be sequestered in a small place”..
(asks Saul to go ask them to tell the men in the bunker of the threat)

Saul(to security men)
“There’s a woman out there, contain her”!

Brody gets ready now the Vice President is there..
Abu Nazir appears in the air! he says:
“There is nothig left to think about, rmemeber Isssa”…
ooops:it doesn’t work, the vest didn’t go off!

meanwhile they come for Carrie
“Virgil, I need your keys!”
Virgil (runs cover for Carrie with security gurads)
“Which one of you is Benson?!” 

Brody goes to the bathroom to check his vest.
“You’ve reenergised him you know”
Brody tries to take vest off.(inside the cubicle)

Carrie comes to Dana at Brody’s house.
“You have to talk him down!”(your Dad)
“He’s gonna kill them all!”

Dana (on phone)
“It’s an insane woman!”
Carrie & Jess:
“You F-ed my husband, he told you to get lost”!
Boy, Police come real quick in the suburbs!
They take Carrie away.  Dana watches.  Looks at floor.  Carrie’s mobile!

Brody (still in the bathroom) fixes vest?
Man:Walker’s gun, abandoned apartment..”

Brody  tries again with the vest. (in the main room of the bunker)
“Brody?  call from your daughter”
“Dad,?”  she said yu are a terrorist!”
“I’m not”..i I gotta go..”
“So you’re coming home?”
“promise me!”  Dad you have to promise me, I need you, You know that”
He cries..”I’m coming home Dana, I promise”
Her :
“Ok..thank you”  She sighs.  He closes his eyes..
“Allright, we’re clear..(in bunker)
Vice President:
“NIck, you look like shit..what a F-ing day!” 

Vice President (outside now)”Her death will not go ununished” (Elizabeth Gaines)
Jess to Brody:
“I don’t ever want to hear her name in this house again”..

Vice President:(back in the building)
Saul?  give us 5 minutes..(to aide)
Make it ten..”
Nice chandelier!
Saul gives him the file..
“No doubt you and Estes have huddled abut this  I’m trying to find out what happened..stop it happening again, I’m a sentimentalist, coercion, cruelty, outright torture, these tapes..”
Vice President:
“Saul! believe me, it’s a turd!”

meanwhile Carie & her sister in car park
“Come and stay with us”!
Brody comes up:
“You broke into my house, terrified my daughter, for the last time Carrie, I’m not what you think I am!  I know about our condition, you need ot stay away from me!”
“I understand, I’ll stay away from you, you have my word..”
“Goodbye  Carrie”
“Goodbye Brody”..
She is absolutely devastated.  (weeps & sobs brokenly and jaggedly inside car)

Back to Saul & Vice President:
Flashback of film from Saul’s Cd’s playing.man speaks:
“So, Vice Presidnet, we’re agreed?  if Abu Nazir is taking refuge amongst schoolchildren?”
Vice President:
“Good to go”

Saul & Estes:
You don’t think that this was worth mentioning to me when Carrie got onto it?”
“We’re abut projecting American power now, you wanna play ball..”
“You won’t because letting the world know we killed 82 schoool children will put every agent at risk..”

meanwhile Brody goes to get his film chip (from the hiding place in the forest)
it’s not there.  2 stripes on the wall!
Brody goes to his garage gets his gun, goes down some dark corridor, storm tunnel.  Meets Walker.

“I gotta say I’m impressed!  You wanna tell me what happened yesterday?”
“My vest malfunctioned”
“You’re F-ing paranoid!”
“What if I had done it, they would have just replaced him..I will be close to him..
Walker:Nazir?” (Nazir phones Walker’s mobile) 
Nazir:”You listening? put Nicholas on the phone
“I’ll be able to influence policy at the highest levels..”
“Why kill a man when you can kill an idea?  I need something from you, you understand?”..
“He wants to talk to you”
then kills Walker!
“It’s done..Alamdullah”..
Abu Nazir:
Brody comes home:
“You ok?”
He swigs a beer in one go.
“Thank you for everything”

Two Days Later:
“Excuse me sir, at hospital.
“I’m looking for Pre-op” (what?)
(Saul comes into hospital room where Carrie is lying on a treatment bed)
“Take that out of her arm! this is barbaric!”
Shock treatment?
“You’re the strongest person I know!  Please, you don’t have to let them F with your brain”..
he continues;
“You were right about Nazir, is son, the Vice President gave the order, records been wiped clean, expunged, wiped clean..”..

back at Brody’s house:
Dad & Dana.  She joins him on the roof.
(return of the mood music)
“Mind if I join you?”

Carrie at the hospital:
“Start counting down from 100, 97, 96, 95..”
Kissing Brody, the log cabin, love making..
“Issa! Issa, Brody knew him!
(Carrie shouts out)
She’s asleep.  I can’t watch.
“Ok, we’re ready, paddles on”..

Great.  We see her receive electric shock treatment.  With a thing stuffed in her mouth.  Feet twitching, face scrunched up in terror and pain.  Nice way to get something stuffed in a woman’s mouth there!  Yes, i know it’s to stop her biting her lip but still.

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