Homeland Episde 11 As it transpired:THe Script:Spoilers:Only read if you have seen this epiode Monday 30th April 2012(There is a different write up (not the script) of Episode 11 posted here under Homeland Episode 11:As it transpired which was posted on Guardian Homeland Blog

Very serious man is making something, sewing machine.  Cuts a tie?  White paint. Ball bearings.  Doesn’t look good.  Smoking a roll-up/joint?

Estes & Political man:
“So he’s the leader of te free world, David”
(the President of the U.S.  So that’s what they really believe.

At the Hospital:
Carrie is overacting being mad.  As in Mad.  She wants a green pen.  i understad.  i’m like that abut black pens and in particular my fountain pen.

Saul really looks like the bombmakers.

Carrie is peaking in alliteration!
“You’re not yourself, I can’t follow you”  he insists on coming with her to the Doctor.

Brody & Familles:
They go to Gettysburg:
“The fathers of the revolution”..

Carries’s siter tells Saul:
“She’s Bi-polar”
he just tells him!
“it’s essential, entirely?”
(n.b i can’t remember what this was about now but it made sense at the time)

Saul is really not thrilled about looking after Carrie.

Estes & Vice President
“The C4 was part of a shipment delivered to the Prince something base”!
(the what?)

“General Lee brought the war to the North.  They were holed in, along a line”..
(nn.b always with the Founding Fathers/Civil War speeches in American Dramas-yawn)
“They prayed.  Both sides did.  These were extremely religious people.”
he continues
“Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain told his “men to stop shooting, just bayonets, the line was held that day, all because of a schoolteacher from Maine who had a belief”..

Your Mom’s gonna need when when I’m gone”
(to daughter who looks worried)

Carrie’s sister:
“You have to stay with me”

Brody goes to see the bomb maker guy.  Who lives in Gettysburg.  Fancy that!  i mean how handy!

He (Brody) puts on the suicide vest! Sheeeet.
“Not armed yet”.
“So that the head is found intact…
Man says something in Arabic.  Brody answers.  Think it’s a prayer for suicide bombers.  Like good luck Allah will be well pleased.
Brody/Dad puts his jolly package in the boot!

Man in diner to Brody:
“You’re one tough Mother -er! I’d vote for you”
All the people gather round him from the whole dinner.  i told you he was jesus.

Saul & Carrie’s sister:
“There was an incident today, she nearly got hit by a car”
“Carrie I’m so sorry about all this.  When you came back from Iraq I knew you were damaged.  I should have asked.”
“There’s not time, Saul, it’s high purple!”
Saul looks at her papers on the floor.  She’s colour-coded them!

Oh no, the mood music is back! momentous music plays.  As Saul puts up her work on the wall.

Brody to son:
“I hope you’ll remember the Civil War, the need to fight for what you believe in, when you re older, be brave, daring”

Jess :
“This trip was a good idea.  Those people need you, things could be better”..
“Brody I’m happy, you’re finally home”
(is he going to change his mind?)

We ee the car outside..

Carrie wakes up.  Sees the wal.  Saul did it.
“You understand, it’s a time line, Abu Nazir, he went quiet, it’s a tragedy, a loss, we have to find out, tell Galvez.  (green is for revenge)
she continues
“I’ve had this since College, i wrote a 45 page thesis on how I’d reinvented music”!  The Professor I handed it to personally escorted me to Student Health Services! He wasn’t even my teacher!”

Dad comes and Sister:
Dad:(to Saul)
“I hear you look out for her?”
small pause.

Daughter starts unwrapping package..Brody grabs her hand-hard.
(she is suspicious)

“I need to call this Prisoner of War I know”
“There’s good gut and there’s bad..
(this is a bad one Carrie!)

Carrie phones Brody;
“I’m just calling about Abu Nazir,we have been alerted tht something is coming, you were with him, somethingh happened, a tragedy?”  We meet up?”
Ah.  Carrie gets all ready. Puts make-up on her bruises, earrings and best scarf.  She still fancies him.
“Are you at Langley?” (that’s when he decided to dob her in-she knew too much)

Daughter and film of Dad:
“He just stands there, it’s totally weird”
“You’re right.  That’s totally weird.  They let the Boyfriend hang out in the bedroom?
(mind you Brody did check his age and whether he had any felonies!)

Carrie opens the door:it’s Estes and loads of heavies!
“Sergeant Brody called me. He told me everything”.
“What’s wrong with her?  How long has she been like this?”
“I’m about to solve this F-ing thing!”

Dreadful music.  Jazz-of course.
subtitles:(music drowns out everything)

“Yes, Brody told us everything, you were engaged in an illicit relationship, illegal surveillance, our desk is being cleared as we speak”
Nooooo! Let her work! She’s nearly solved it!  She just needs to fill in the gaps
, choose a new colour!

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