transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on Borgen episodes 9 & 10 page 38 (b)

  • 11 February 2012 8:09PM

    YoYo(Danish again) @pdboxer:
    re my quandary over Niels’ jacketlessness in front of Birgitte being deliberately disrespectful?:

    Is that true? I thought I had worked out a few sartorial things over the years but I’ve never thought that it was necessary to wear the jacket at such times? Thinking back, I have been doing so anyway, but if it was a hot day I think I wouldn’t wear the jacket. So long as the other grooming is ok, shoes polished, tie on etc I don’t think I’d feel disrespectful but perhaps it is a rule in circumstances I’m not familiar with such as addressing the pm. I believe Blair and Cameron spend more time agonising over whether to wear ties or not in certain situations than they do on policy!

    i hear you, and in my experience, although i’m sure there are some serial killers out there (due to my extensive knowledge from watching Criminal Minds and the whole plethora of such TV) with them but you usually can’t fault a man who polishes his shoes! old school style, no handy applicators:) Yes, you are probably right about Blair and Cameron:more style than substance perchance?

    i used to find amusement in comparing the sartorial styles of Obama Vs. Cameron whenever they appeared together. It was obvious, i felt, that Cameron had his own tailor however i liked Obama’s wide retro collars the best. My theory is that Obama soon had his own suits hand made although i might be can’t be easy to get off the peg for his height:)


    It was very Sir Humphry ie my job is secure yours isn’t, you might be pm but I have the real power bee-aatch. Again when Tony Blair was in “power” he found he did not have the power to do what he wants and what a pm should be able to do, which in his case was sack his chancellor Gordon Brown and sack the most powerful civil servants who obstructed his moves. This is power he should have had as a pm. Ironically he was able to usurp power that he shouldn’t have according to our system and was able to take a lot of power out of the hands of the cabinet, parliament and the people through various dodges like discussing things on the sofa, setting up quangos and so on. *

    Very good points, you must be a politico! Yes, it was somewhat the wrong way around with Blair, wasn’t it?..I do wonder whether a PM can really get rid of a Civil servant at the level of Niels, although they oughta, as you say..We shall find out as Borgen progresses..i am sure that Birgitte is more than a match for Niels, however it is his behind the scenes moves and power that worries me and it should worry her. It may be a case of keeping your enemies close etc…

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