transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on Borgen Episodes 9 &10 page 35

  • 11 February 2012 2:18PM


    * Agreed @clarissima. I thought Niels wanted Sanne out because she wasn’t one of “his” people, couldn’t be controlled and he found her too lowly to “convert” to his side. I think he’s going to plant someone in there so he can have a further inside track on Birgitte. I found him utterly disrespectful — and plotting. He’s very cold and arrogant. I liked Sanne, but she showed poor judgement in letting Kasper have a go at her in the office. Foolish. I do think Birgitte was on auto pilot when she signed her away; she had gotten to like an appreciate Sanne. Added to the whole tragedy of the ending, really. Who could not like the little curtsy? *

    Yes, i agree, although hadn’t considered the idea of Niels thinking Sanne was “too lowly to convert to his side” it does indeed seem to be ‘his manor’ as a Londoner might say. Hence, i believe, the casualness of appearing in his waistcoat rather than a jacket. What exactly the ‘it’ that Niels feels that he runs:i’m not sure. The building, the parliament, or the whole government?!

    It’s a thin line he is treading (although i may be taking this to the extreme) by wearing a waistcoat:he almost looks as if he is a top rank servant, as if he was essaying himself as obedient? then there is the eponymous shirtsleeves look so beloved of Blair and even Obama has done it:eg. i’m in my shirtsleeves and i am going to roll them up a bit to really get the job i’m the only one around here who gets things done?!

    i dunno , a Danish fellow forumer might know better the intricacies of etiquette i am theorising over:all based on a waistcoat! i do think it’s pretty universal for a man to show respect to his superior in this case PM by wearing a jacket though? i mean Birgitte isn’t the Queen, but she’s not far off it is she-would Niels appear so casually in front of the queen? or a male PM i wonder. Was Niel’s comment “I didn’t think you would last the year” just plain rude or was it sexist as well?

    i agree about Sanne and Birgitte, it may well be that Birgitte was on autopilot and totally drained emotionally at that time. In Sanne’s defence i would say that Kaspar had already flirted with her and is indeed (well he Is a spin-doctor) a very smooth operator! Sanne really liked him and thought he liked her. She was a bit innocent i think. Poor Sanne didn’t even know about Katrine i don’t think? Katrine, who Kaspar is obviously irretrievably in love with, ahhhh…:)

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