transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on Borgen Episodes 5 & 6 page 15

  • 24 January 2012 1:21PM

    Its no Breaking Bad… whats youre opinion on Suits.. im finding it entertaining

    hi@jsully-long time no see-nice to see you on here-Yes, it’ allright-i think it is groaning under the weight of our/my Forbrydelsen expectations a little..i wrote a long comment on page 9 i think it t’was. Suits? i have not heard of that-what’s it about?
    currently i have been watching Southland-miss it since it has ended for now although was hovering above an eponymous shark due to showing my favourite bad ass female cop Lydia in a sexist trope..Underbelly is good-on FX Wednesdays @10pm:is about the Melbourne underworld in the 90’s, thankfully free of stereotypes. Apart from them being gangsters i suppose..

    Maybe now everything has been ‘done’ to the extent that it is near impossible to escape cliche’/stereotype? and the only way to throw off these shackles is to go back in time?.
    Endeavour over Christmas presented the same freshness and was set in the 60’s.
    Yiikkes-no mobile phones or police wizardry! or even DNA..strangely odd yet refreshing..

    being that i’m not a huge political drama fan not sure if Borgen wasn’t a) Danish or b) set in Copenhagen i would still be watching, perhaps just for seeing how a female PM went on? wonder if we are stereotyping Danish Drama to be necessarily good and cool just because it is Danish? heretical for the hills..:)

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