transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on Borgen Episodes 3&4

  • Aha, good point, i am looking for Gothic horror where it may never occur i fear..
    i too am still in Forbrydelsen mode, looking for puzzles and clues and dark mysteries running beneath, however starting to wonder if any of these things will ever arise? or is it just going to be a slightly superior Danish soap opera masquerading as a political scenario?

    Good points about the Eurocopter links:i hadn’t picked up on those. Yes, Theis did look strangely neutered. Somebody here compared him to Harry Secombe, which if you are old enough to remember Harry Secombe and his operatic singing in neon green lawned and perfec t flowery gardens, was spot on!

    Thanks for that, didn’t think she Katrine gave that up, being a true blue journalist and all, plus not quite completely trusting Kasper either now or in the past. It was her journalistic nose that sniffed out his questionable past after all and anybody who has the presence of mind to film and speak on her camera phone with Special Branch at the door gets my vote as a Journalist proper:) yes:maybe somebody else might remember?….
    hello, knock knock, other forum posters…

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