transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on Borgen Episodes 3 & 4:Contains Spoilers:Only read if you have seen these episodes

  • 16 January 2012 3:25PM

    Pleeez, if Brigitte’s home life was any more perfect she would be American and what was with the syrupy Greenland scene? i agree with Vicky Frost, much as the Greenlandic President was supremely dishy, yes, we geddit-we gottit the first few mentions of the problems.

    Ditto the speechifying about the illegal rendition of innocent Muslims & big bad America treating all allies as little brothers. No-really?

    The only really interesting part is Katrine and Kaspar who is getting more mysterioser by the minute. What a coincidence that Kaspar is often around when odd things happens-such as the raid on Katrina’s flat.? Why is his past obviously a tissue of lies, including possibly his mother’s suicide, who is he really?…

    The plenteous references to ‘furniture moving’ are somewhat tiresome:what’s the point& what relevance does it have? other than, as Vicky Frost says, all this connubial bliss is to shortly disappear down the drain..
    The ha de har ‘appointment’ scenes were ickily irksome-.if the roles were reversed would the P.M’s wife take kindly to such a suggestion?

    Yes, we geddit:they’re happy, happy, happy, to the point of a near diabetic overload with saccharine and maple syrup thrown in. Cue the lull before the storm trope. the picture perfect family before it all goes horribly wrong.

    Is it just me or does anybody else still wishfully pine for a nice murder to take one or two people down a peg or two or just for some nefarious thrills? Ever since the unfortunate untimely death of Olaf in a hilariously signposted-oops no answer-from-the-bed-yet scene i have been wishing for a shambling & unkempt Detective to come shuffling along and find something Kasper missed that was under the bed..

    Brigitte is the Prime Minister for goodness sake-can we leave the pity party at home for heroic househusband/ultra-cool economic/politics lecturer in fabulous dimly lit white shag pile rugged pile at the door where it belongs? Ah, she couldn’t get away at x y & z time-she might just be a leetle bit busy..

    Would the similarly placed wife at home be shown the same, sighing sadly and bemoaning generally but be being loudly applauded every five minutes by her other half for being so damn understanding about it & at the same time being told that she was really, really gorgeous?

    Yes, because when men do the exact same thing women have been doing for centuries, they are just so very wonderful and brave and heroic aren’t they?

    Yes, it bowled along merrily at a breakneck pace. It is enjoyable. i am so far still enjoying the politics however wonder how long that side of it will hold my interest. Just how many twists and turns can there be in day to Prime Ministerial life?

    Already we have had the Eastenders goes to the seaside style jaunt. A little early for a drama. Much as i enjoyed seeing Greenland:the journey, like the drama, was curiously thin of depth & detail.

    i found myself wanting more: i was expecting the Journalism side to be more meaty, more shouty, more sweaty somehow. They were all curiously devoid of feeling and reaction to the appearance of the Police in a large phalanx with at last, a Detective of sorts, at their head. Why on earth did so many Police come, in formation, if not to arrest them, Was it a show of strength?

    I agree with Vicky Frost that the stand out character in the Journalists is Hannah. Thank goodness for TV trope of veteran journalist takes on scary scoop whilst the newbie’s flat/computer is ransacked. Cool move with the camera phone by Katrina.

    Poor Karlsten, curiously unsympathetic & lumpen. We were expecting him, half in mind of FII, to be a Muslim soldier. Why no creepy shadow interview with ‘an actor’s voice’ or the even creepier, ‘the voice has been altered’?

    However it was never going to happen was it? Karlsten was either going to meet an untimely death at the hands of dark mysterious forces, eat his gun or jump of the balcony in his uniform.

    When i said curiously unsympathetic i forgot the rape. Unanswered significantly as to to whether it happened in Greenland, so it probably did. More shades of FII in the dark doings of Sirius II Carlsten’s mysterious unit there.
    A Detectively urge came over me in hoping this case might be investigated. A surge of interest in a possible puzzle..

    There are three mentions of suicides:Kaspar’s mum, the multiple suicides in Greenland & Karlsten.

    Kaspar is an Iago like figure who plots with an innocent face, with the redeeming feature of his love of Katrina. The drama seems to have centred around him as if he was speaking to us in unseen soliloquies. Kaspar, Hannah & Katrina the half hearted smoker, being the only characters seeming to have blood in their veins. Meyer is near catatonic.

    What if Kaspar is the son of the woman who was raped in Greenland by Karlsten & that was why his mother committed suicide? Is he Caspar the ghost plotting his revenge on the government?

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