transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on Borgen Episodes 3 & 4 page 21

  • 21 January 2012 7:25PM

    thanks for your reply,
    like “awesomeness”!
    yes, it does have a soap opera quality, yet i would say that the politics side is all Greek to me anyway, since none of the parties are really explained and don’t seem to be the traditional beliefs of what we think of here as Left/Right and so forth.

    For ex. the Moderates seem to be Conservative and anti-immigration (i think) and the Liberals don’t seem to be Liberal at all..Laugesson, the left-winger is anti-Muslim and the old guy with the Docksider shoes and boasting about his wife’s cheap dress who i presumed was old school Socialist seems to be ultra conservative?

    i found the flashbacks odd and stilted as a device however can let them pass being a romantic..Borgen just gets away with this. Not sure if they continue i will be so forgiving as they will eventually become irksome and silly & daft!

    However once something goes into a montage sequence (the silent fast forwarded or rather achingly boring slo-mo scenes in Greenland) sorry, but that is an 80’s/90’s step too far! i will never take Borgen quite so seriously after that..

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