transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on Borgen Episodes 3 & 4 page 15

  • 20 January 2012 9:32PM

    hi @essjayell
    finally found your reply, boy is this hard work..Yes, very funny your mention of Supernatural! used to watch that on the grounds of the guys being seriously cute, no God-awful psychobabble and hugely cool car. Then it became a tad too scary for me…

    i agree about Kasper, i felt the same way in the beginning particularly as you say, regarding his stalkerish appearance on the tow-path when Katrine is out jogging.(jogging on the tow-path=rather formulaic-eg. The Killing remake and other heroines always out jogging/or in the gym-is this to show us necessarily that they are tough-since they are women?)

    however Kasper seems to have charmed me over to being sympathetic to him as a character somehow. It’s those unseen soliloquies of his where he appears in the last two episodes to be centring the drama around himself. Agree that his behaviour over the flat ransacking was dubious-i like your description of “quarter-hearted”!

    i am still entertaining the dark notion that Carsten might have been Kasper’s unknown father and it was Kasper’s mother who was Carsten’s Greenlandic rape victim who committed suicide. Could Kasper be plotting childhood vengeful revenge on the government he holds responsible?…

    In Katrine’s defence i would say that she had been told by Ole that he was “leaving his wife and kids” and this is what she believed. Hence Katrine’s ongoing fantasy about keeping the baby as if she was Ole’s widow which was cruelly punctured by meeting Ole’s wife. By the way:what were the chances of them both happening to vist the grave at exactly the same time?! clearly just a plot device much like the whole baby issue as a point maker..
    it did seem to me that if this meeting had never happened Katrine might have carried on.

    Rather tiresomely pointing out to us a theme of the New Year’s message about children passing things on etc. against the complete opposite backdrop of the truth eg. the young Greenlanders’ suicides and Katrine’s decision.. Then there is the coupling of Carsten’s honourable suicide (or was it?) and the elderly Greenlander’s tradition of suicide as an honourable gift and sacrifice.

    Yep, we geddit, politics is mostly a fabrication of a jolly painted scenic vista unlike the less photogenic tragic truth. Oh but we have a new right-on caring PM (because she is a woman?!) who goes on dreamy sympathetic montage visits to the suffering Greenlanders, (makes portentous right-on speeches about colonialism) she really cares, she will do things differently this time..

    by the way-what does “boon” mean? i like it:)

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