transcriptof my commments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on Borgen Episodes 9 & 10 page 39

  • 11 February 2012 8:42PM

    Yes, Alistair Campbell was on the 10 o’clock show last night and i liked him even more! he seems very down to earth, and he loves his team Burnley so that means he’s a Northerner so must be allright:) i didn’t know that about him. i guess we shouldn’t blame him for being a spin doctor extraordinarie, now that i’ve seen Borgen and everything.T’was just his job after al

    salut for now & thanks to everybody for sharing our mutual love of Scandiavian TV & thank you for the Blog to our host @Vicky Frost
    salut mes amis, i wasn’t invited to this facebook hoo,
    nobody likes me, everybody hates me, i’m gonna go and eat worms, big fat slimey ones, itty bitty grimey ones, i’m gonna go and eat worms..

    for our Danish guests, this is a very ancient and culturally significant, in fact steeped in historical meaning, British song:)

    nb. i have just seen the trailer on ITV3 for Those Who Kill:new Scandinavian Drama “coming soon” looks really good.

    Inspector Montalbano is actually quite funny although i’m not sure it’s meant to be. Plus, so far, the crimes never get solved. This is the very elderly writer’s serious point about the influence of the Mafia and big businessmen apparently. However you can go on a mini-fantasy holiday to very beautiful Sicily and every now and then they give you a glimpse of the sparkling blue sea..

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