transcript of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Bridge-Series One

24 April 2012 8:19PM
Hiya, hey no worries, if you want to do italics all you do is write it as normal and then click on the box named I at the top left hand corner-then you will see large brackets appear around that text. leave a fair gap between those brackets and the rest of your text then when you are finished you just click post comment and the italics will magically appear! (it took me ages at first to work that second bit out)
Yes,loving your contractual demands! very funny and spot on! i would have responded to your other ones but can’t find them now. They included the cocktail dress requirement and the necessarily going undercover as a hooker! i so agree!

 there is a new Detective Series called Detective King on Hallmark which was so stuffed full of ALL these tropes just in the first episode it was a sight to behold! plus they added a few off the top of their heads:
have your female Detective in the loo cubicle with us uncomfortably at feet level viewing her askew legs:a new version of getting pants down! then:silly Detective lady (even though she is Head of the Task Force) keeps her Police gun in her handbag and it falls out on the floor! and slides over to the next cubicle:”just pass it over” she says..

by the end of the episode they had managed to fit in the eponymous top with no bottoms scene:
Female Detective enters room with just a man’s shirt on miraculously and barely covering her nether regions (which is the whole point) and titters suggestively then collapses onto the sofa with handy hubby for a bit of hows you farther…all the while managing to keep things just about a millimetre hidden from easy task i’m sure, just like in the scene with Saga..Oh and Katrine..and Bigitte in Borgen with her tight removing scene and on and on like Ariston…://=repeat endlessly…

Be funny if they did the same thing with men, now wouldn’t it?! err…not quite so titillating?!

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