Transcript of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on Borgen Episoees 9 & 10 page 38

  • 11 February 2012 7:38PM

    Yo@pdboxer, just catching up on your replies, hope i’m not being de trop posting one after the other however it’s moot since it will be closing soon anywayz..

    Hi Clarissima, it is not all that long ago that I had that same feeling. I despised politics and politicians, they never seemed to make any difference, they filled up the tv and papers, people would try to talk about it and I hated it. Then I got into economics and loved it, soon I found that economics relies on politics so heavily, started following politics and am glued to it now. So be careful! I enjoyed a vid of Alastair Campbell on Jamie Oliver’s dream school where he is teaching politics and the kids all say its boring, then he talks them round in a quite clever way. Vid is long though, 20 mins so only for the committed! It’s here.

    IThank you for that link, as it happens i saw that and felt exactly the same! in fact it changed my whole opinion of Alistair Campbell
    who i felt did the best out of all them in engaging the pupils in the dream school. He took them to parliament as well to meet Cameron! it was brilliant:)

    i so agree, funnily enough, someone somewhere or maybe i just read it, said if you really want to understand politics, follow the money trail eg. read the Financial Times or the Economist for ex. Whilst i’m not really up to that i did, along with my unpredicted yet surprisingly enjoyable foray recently into the back sports pages i have also ventured into the further staid and dry to the point of erudite area of the business section and started reading the economic articles by a guy called Stephen King.

    ok, it drew my attention at first because i actually thought my favourite author might have started writing for my paper (!) but nope-recently i was fascinated to read his prediction for the future financial powers/countries based on the old and established ancient spice trade route.. *

    I had great hopes for Obama too and have been disappointed. One politician really can make a difference though, if he is strong enough, principled enough, and realistic enough. Some politicians in the past really have made massive positive differences to the world. Won’t name any controversial ones, but people like Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and of course: Birgitte Nyborg 🙂 *

    exactemente:) so

    there is hope

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