transcript of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on Borgen Episodes 9 &10 page 27

  • 8 February 2012 10:03PM

    Well some people want power to do things with it, and they are limited if they are not dictators. But your question is why would people want power for power’s sake. Well I didn’t venture into gender differences so far but feel I must a bit now. First, why does anyone want to be good at any career? Generally lawyers want to be barristers, barristers want to be judges etc etc. Politicians want to be prime minister. Deeper than that though, at least for men, achieving power be it through business, mafia or politics gives them status, brings them money – and brings them women. Or they believe it does.

    hey thanks for that:well explained:) i think my head was bending last night or rather my brain with all this talk of politics..:) that makes sense.

    n.b i read in my paper last night a whole article based round guess what? fighter jets, foreign aid to India, “political capital” eg. why didn’t we get the order for the jets when we gave you this nice aid not that it has any strings attached to it..there was also this interesting phrase “post colonial noblesse oblige” which i liked. There was a lot more but my point is that it was like an episode of Borgen!

    Nice genuine woman, but some of her policies are unrealistic, some insane, some suicidal in my view. If she became cynical and recognised we need things like a strong economy, a strong defence etc as well as thinking of environment… oh I know! She needs to become Birgitte!

    i’ve only seen her briefly on Question time (Caroline Lucas) but confess i don’t know much about her policies, i just liked the way she went on so to speak. It’s interesting to read that a lot of ‘Green policies’ are not green at all when examined and are tied into big business and global corporations and don’t even really work..Like the whole wind farm kickbacks/deals a plenty for leasing land etc. Oh dear. Do the greens know?!

    Plus the latest ‘green’ jolly idea is the rather reprehensible one of population restriction or whatever word they are calling it..David Attenboroughs keeps popping up with this one. Hmm.. i think there used to be another word for that people…

    i’m glad you like my werewolf analogy, the more i think of Phillipe transitioning into a werewolf, the more it amuses me!:) particularly having just watched the new Being Human-n.b don’t bother folks, it has jumped the shark sadly, no more gorgeous Irish vampire man (forgot his name ) and i can’t even talk abut what happened to (werewolf) George..

    thank you for the compliment but i am not a “politico” i am much chuffed though:)

    i am glad you agree about cynical and harder actually being good things! thought it was just me..being all hard and um cynical..

    off to see Underbelly FX @10pm. n.b i agree that £24 is a lot of money, if you live in the UK, libraries do often rent out films on CD and even old video format. There is usually a smaller ‘foreign films’ section. The Wire is in a class of it’s own:modern day Shakespeare.

    Just before seeing The Wire i watched a really good series called Matrioski:absolutely excellent and in a mixture of Russian and Lithuanian. Being that it’s quite old now, you might be lucky enough to find that in a library or to buy a bit cheaper.
    n.b there was subtitles of course-i really enjoyed hearing an unknown language to me and the storyline is intense and has some similarities to one series of the Wire without giving too much away…

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