transcript of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Blog on The Bridge BBC4 in UK Saturdays @9pm G.M.T

  • 25 April 2012 12:43AM
    Yes, Salvo was completely my cuppa tea..:)
    Yes, hadn’t clocked that one, bit sneaky no? add that to the list..i just accepted her topless state on the grounds of her not being quite with it an all and homeless an everything but thinking about it:the one thing you would sort being homeless is enough clothes surely? especially a top! Plus she was very skilled at lookin out for herself in every other way..
    Yes, The Killing-i still couldn’t quite believe it for some time in The Killing that she:
    a)actually had a jumper on, like covering her up to the neck and there would be no low cut tops bending over microscopes and so forth.(like in all the C.S.I’s Criminal Minds etc).
    b) thank the Lord:no shagging scenes! it was such a welcome change that we could just concentrate on her as a character. Lund staying clothed and shag free was so against sexist trope and all stereotypes it was actually ground breaking! how sad is that? she didn’t escape the no bottoms rule though..although she DID get to keep her pants on..Oh happy days…looks like that’s not an option now..
  • clarissima

    25 April 2012 12:59AM
    n.b a piece in my paper today uhum, whose nickname rhymes with Cindy (barbie’s friend i believe?) entitled:
    ‘Dysfunctional female characters may not be such a blow for equality’ by Terence Blacker
    about Saga in the Bridge.
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