transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Homeland Blog

  • 26 April 2012 1:40AM
    Question:Does America or the CIA Really have the power to block a Saudi diplomat’s daughter from all those countries mentioned including Blighty? How does that work then? and are not Diplomats meant to be immune or rather have immunity from such things?
    Plus:wouldn’t a Saudi Diplomat have a fair bit of political clout? considering..

    ‘Nother question: Wasn’t it all a bit lame the whole gay blackmail plot when any of the well travelled spy guys/girl must know that whilst officially verboten this goes on in Arab countries on the ‘download’? and are there Really bath houses in Washington?
    n.b. i felt that scene with the viewing deliberately balanced similar taboos for Estes.
    (Homeland likes to balance it’s themes)

    Yes:i agree with posters:why has Carrie seemingly lost all her spy game? all on the strength of a lovers guide weekend and one avowed ‘terrorist’?

    Yet another question:i am bemused as to Walker’s actions in blowing up Al Zahani
    (unless it was a suicide thing on Al Zahani’s part he had agreed to?) surely this does not conform to the jihadi cause? so is it just what needed to be done?

    If Walker is Muslim and a terrorist then why do it is what i don’t get? Couldn’t super duper woods walking triple undercover deep as the sea operative Walker have just as easily taken out Al Zahani at home? eg. what was the point of this action? i mean he hasn’t issued a statement or anything. is this a combat situation to Walker?

    Anybody else looking and wondering if Carrie still had her legs? T’was a miracle to be sure..guess they couldn’t get That up close and uncomfortable to their no holds barred depiction of terrorism then?

    i too was amazed Carrie didn’t go into top gear full on big eyed staring on hearing of Brody’s sudden rise to political fame.

    Especially when Carrie was in her hospital bed and she & Saul were vocally pondering about a mole “in the government” and Brody came on with his “sacred and profound speech”. i was like:hello? Carrie-duh! he’s on the Telly! Well not necessarily the mole but could he be?

    i mean why didn’t Carie think at the least that this was some pretty fast and monumental stuff:Brody being catapulted to politico quicker than a blink of reptilian eye of the distinctly alien like VP? (it was all the men in black..)

    Also:what was it about the black vans arriving at his home that freaked Brody out to the extent that he started yanking his arms backwards all funny & gripping himself in terror?

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