transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 8:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode:page 8

  • 15 April 2012 1:16PM

    Oh, C’mon,@tuity fruity: what is this spoiler then? i already succumbed to the one mentioned above…
    i agree the plot is leaky like a sieve, no excuse really either is there? considering it is so long running! tut tut..or maybe that’s the point:they have to fill it out with meaningless filler?

    That whole evil prince bodyguard & Lynne strand:that couldn’t have been just to fit in the line-up of nubile naked young women and the entirely illogical but much favoured os such scenes girl-on girl moment, could it? and casually dispense with one woman:kerblamm? all for nothing?..

    i agree with you about the daughter scene too:never mentioned again. What was the point? Quite shocking too and in my experience of knowing military families:extremely unlikely! Yes, teenagers can party but ask yourself: at home, in the middle of the day, getting paralytic? when she was grounded? does that sound like a plan for any teenager if you live in a probably all military family suburb?! if your folks are on holiday, far away, maybe..

    no, don’t tell me, it was that ever invidious ‘balance’ that demanded a mirroring bleeding injury similar to Hamid’s untimely death?

    Let’s consider:
    the women in Homeland are either mad, bad, or dangerous to know or they are Stepford wife..
    Or they are dispensable “hookers run by the CIA” or rather their good friend Carrie, who inducted them from their ‘small town life’ (small town being synonymous with disposable) into this ever so useful capacity, or not, lovely..

    Mike, @ the Mosque, hadn’t noticed that:anyone? it would be more fun if Mike was something interesting, likewise Jess, wouldn’t it? for some reason i found Jess’s clip in her hair annoying at the ‘do:why on earth didn’t she rock it out;being amazingly beautiful ‘an all?! why is she Mrs. meek and timid? wouldn’t she have developed some ‘swagger’ being a single parent all those years? or as she continually protected and adored by Mike? hmm did Mike have anything to do with Brody’s original mission?!

    TV info for tonight’s Homeland is pretty shocking stuff! better not transpose it for fear of spoilers.good news is that The Bridge is on BBC4 next more Inspector Montalbano and imaginary trips to sunny Sicily boo hoo..i can now say “pronto” bon journo” “prego” and my favourite “Commissarrio!”…

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