transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 8:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode

  • 14 April 2012 2:15PM

    @pdboxer: sorry about that, i meant to put see previous page regarding The Shark’s Lament was my silly poem on page 7! not anything weighty at all..

    no, i’m not a petrolhead but can appreciate the sound of a well tuned and cared for engine! and a pretty shape of course..
    n.b anybody seen the new ad for Audi where the car hides out all winter looking ‘ugly’ to the tune of ‘i once was an ugly duckling’?! genius..

    i dunno:is it terrorism? who is being terrorised so far? apart from the CIA lot.. it’s all a bit amorphous though, isn’t it? considering they don’t know the real threat one could argue, strictly speaking tht they are not terrorised at all? perhaps they are terrorised from terror?!

    i’m not sure it qualifies as an act of war either-perhaps more correctly it could be termed ‘anarchy’? i mean so far, all they have found out is that someone was planning to shoot the President from a long way away (and we only have Aileen’s word for this):is this a terrorist act? and would it be classified as such if carried out by a home grown American? is it only terrorism when carried out or planned by an outsider? either in terms of Nationality or religious ’cause’? not sure..

    true, it should be sympathy i suppose, an odd thought occurred:so far, they haven’t or somehow bypassed the ‘need’ to uhum ‘question’ ie. interrogate or torture:one of ‘their own’ have they? like Aileen and something tells me:Walker. Ok to show a generic Arab man being tortured then but not an American huh?

    Seriously, apart from Saul’s emotional blackmail plus the aural torture of listening to his voice for 30 hours plus the interminably boring content i did think that any true Jihadi would have tried to
    a)throw themselves out of the car or
    b) make a run for it in the forest at the ‘this is my childhood memory stop’?
    or c) the old escape out of the bathroom window at the petrol station/diner stop?

    Perhaps i am actually empathising having been in a similar situation myself for a 16 hours road trip once, not naming names, although i wasn’t on the run or anything..

    this second Blog is a bit odd isn’t it? is it all a bit de trop? like our Host legged it and found a better party down the road?! is it something we said? are we not amusant enough? je suis desole’…

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