transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 8:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode (page 8 )

  • 15 April 2012 7:47PM

    True dat (the Wire) she does hide her condition well. In fact her condition,it could be argued, makes her good at her job! it’s just a bit off she couldn’t just have had all these foibles as a male equivalent James Bond figure would have been allowed to?

    Then there is the slightly scary fact of the American Book (can’t think of the right word) of Psychiatric Disorders being rather infamous over here in Blightly for including, very recently,a surprising number of quite ‘ornery human foibles and classifying them as ‘Psychiatric Disorders’! i wonder if Carrie would have been classified as the same over here?

    Plus:if having a mental condition is now a trendy tick box to add to the numerous others in programmes:why not Schizophrenia? a little less photogenic perhaps? how does this make people with the real conditions feel i wonder? probably that the co-opting and crass stereotyping of such conditions is a bit offensive i think and doesn’t lead to increased acceptance at all and possibly more misunderstanding? such sufferers might wonder why one condition is cool an trendy and another is not?..

    much like the whole Aspergers claim over Sarah Lund which turned out not to be true at all..again, a woman who was driven and usefully obsessed in her job was touted as having a condition which made her so. Like obsession and tunnel vision doesn’t come naturally to others? the hugely wide spectrum of human behaviour seemingly now subject to conservative judgement which flags up such variables of behaviour as ‘conditions’ in the name of being right on?!

    personally, my theory is that women are subject to more conservative expectations of behaviour perhaps in parts of the US:particularly in the Washington area in which Homeland is set. When i visited and stayed there i was told by my hosts that i “couldn’t go out in jeans” (?!) and especially i shouldn’t wear my key chain attached to my jeans as:”people would think i was in a gang”!

    Indeed when i observed the other women in the area: they were all immaculately coiffed, wore skirts suits or trouser suits (culottes being just about acceptable) and full face make-up just to go to the Mall..making Ole’ Blighty seem like the height of Bohemia!

    The idea of a woman going out to a bar, alone for a drink, as Carrie does must henceforth i postulate:be explained as in terms of her ‘condition’. Since, apart from the eponymous Detective or DA at the end of the day in American Dramas:women just do not indulge in such ‘depraved’ behaviour unless they are shock horror a sex addict or something..Unlike the do as you like James Bond figure..

    i agree with your points about terrorism and level 2 sexism:spot on! maybe Homeland is not guilty of that level of sexism:however i could mention the recurrent gratuitous nudity & shagging scenes? the patronising/demeaning way both Carrie and Jess are treated? (Carrie by Saul) (Jess by Brody when he first returns)

    how about the infamous sink speech at the barbecue:that nobody batted an eyelid over?! Wasn’t that a degrading way to speak of Jess and worse:apparently acceptable in public? Brody only leapt on the wheelchair guy when he mentioned Mike:not before..

    i should think actresses now must scan a script in vain if hoping not to have to get their kit off in some way for a part..
    do they even have a choice?!
    if there are levels of sexism as you say, and i like this hypothesis:perhaps there are more than two:maybe multitudinous?..

    n.b “interested in sociology”!? owch..:)

    @ALL & pdboxer:
    glad you feel the same way about the uhum, other Blog..if it remains after tonight i suggest we all consider ourselves to be the equivalent of the chatting in the kitchen stalwart Blog party lot?…

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