transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 8:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode (page 8)

  • 15 April 2012 2:21PM

    Regarding your post above:yes, i see your point however i think it, Homeland, is all still very amorphous in terms of definition of terrorism? wait:that’s not to make us ‘think’ about such themes is it? groann..must we contemplate the irony and examine our feelings necessarily when shown a nice handsome American ‘terrorist’ (or two) probably?

    -however i dislike such meaningful theme exposition being pressed upon’s obvious that there is a necessary balancing of themes that must go on in Homeland, like they’re continually having to tick boxes for the eponymous ‘balance’ to keep all portrayals of such themes ‘fair’ = boring and annoyingly clunky i think is the word of the day..

    yes they did show brief flashbacks of Brody being tortured, but myself, i couldn’t take them seriously! unusual for me as i usually do in scenes of violence and manfully (or not) hide my eyes! yet the whole flashback palette of Robinson Crusoe look alike Brody were just too ridiculous and overstylised for me..i guess they had to be necessarily fuzzy around the edge? however they wandered into the realm of ridiculous to my mind and became ludicrous! Yes, Mike’s beating up was truly horrific-but i didn’t look..

    re Carrie-yes i agree and at the same time have always found it slightly misogynistic and annoying that for Carrie to have all those qualities as you say and be a little ’emotional’ into the bargain she has to be portrayed as having a mental condition?!

    this is no disrespect to anybody with such conditions of course:but why does any behaviour off the narrow beaten track for a woman have to be explained thus? why can’t she just be as she is?! it reminds me of the ancient label of Witch to any woman who was a bit ‘out of the ordinary’:now it is a label of a mental condition:all a bit Victorian isn’t it?

    Also it is highly doubtful that having such a condition she would, after all these years of having it, display such internet tick boxes of the symptoms? it’s like somebody looked them up on said net..surely people would have individual permutations of such symptoms and in some cases would have satisfactorily have hidden them from view by now?

    it reaches beyond the realm of the ridiculous again to suggest that she would have a) been able to get the job in the first place with such a condition and b) have been able to hide it from the probable battery of psychological and medical tests including blood tests? and how was she meant to have coped abroad with her precarious pill system? and so on? surely Carrie would have perfected a satisfactory system by now?

    yes, that is mainly why i watch Danish Dramas, for the strong, mostly sexist free woman characters. The only other thing on at present with strong, ballsy women characters with real life dialogue:is True Blood. Which, if you pardon the pun, makes the women in Homeland look like they need a blood transfusion or a rapid application of ventricular electric shocking paddles..

    i’m glad you’re enjoying Homeland and rate it so highly, me not so much, hey they stole the opening credits from Southland:which was Really good and the opening credits of Homeland are actually better than Homeland is. Homeland thinks it is better than it is in my opinion:it’s good, but it’s glossy rather than deep. it’s a shame to my mind because it could have been Really, really good instead of just good?..

    n.b i found it a bit amusing in view of tonight’s summary of episode 9 to remember that i called Homeland :Maxwell Smart meets The Prisoner meets The Avengers…:)

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