transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 8:silly poem

  • 3 April 2012 1:02AM

    The Shark’s Lament:
    (for the purposes of poetic license all the aquatic mammals have been watching Homeland since it’s been hovering over the shark and the shark is now worried that Homeland may be going to jump the shark)

    Oh, Homeland, please don’t jump over me!
    it’s lonely here in the deep blue sea

    with only the sharks for company
    they’re really not that friendly

    when i invite them round for tea
    they chomp my best cups and my cutlery!

    what will i tell great Aunt shark Betty?
    (she gave me that tea-set for best, you see)

    and how will i view next week for free?
    there’s no virgin media out at sea!

    the whales are all crying
    (they have a crush on Carrie)

    the dolphins are demonstrating:
    “set Brody free!”

    he was trapped in a hole in captivity
    and they’re making him live in boxes you see

    when all he wants is a lake and some trees..

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