transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 7:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode

  • 4 April 2012 12:49AM

    the Carrie & Brody lovers (video) guide:
    Sigh, the log cabin, the firelight, the violins that once appeared, couldn’t be banished throughout the rest of the episode..

    Dear viewer, if your husband or suspect terrorist comes home from 8 years as prisoner of war some of which he spent in a hole. Try this lovers guide to log cabin love making and renewal of spirit.

    Re-discover-oops discover your mutual passion. Have a gun handy just in case/for emergencies if you’re not really sure whether you have been kidnapped to the log cabin by a madman/terrorist. All being well, guns should be kept out of foreplay and mutual happiness will prevail. Or not.

    Log fires and hidden keys and gazing out at the water and saying:
    “I love the water”
    are requisite. So is the making dinner together in the kitchen scene.

    Yes, re-discover-oops discover your love for each other and trek out together to the old waterfall
    like when one of you was a kid.

    Childhood places:Saul & Carrie:
    So we go back to Carrie’s childhood cabin and Saul’s unexplained burnt out decrepit old building. Was it meant to be an old house or a synagogue? It wasn’t clear.

    The Love Story:
    Ok i was buying into nay cheering the Brody & Carrie love story. I was. For a few nanoseconds.

    But then it had to go horribly wrong. Ahhh. Just for a moment i believed. i am a romantic. They could have been a crime fighting duo with their own show. Forever driving down fast highways laughing, with Carrie face flapping her hair…

    Brody as Carrie’s saviour?
    i did get the strong impression that Brody is, or was (since he didn’t in this episode) going to help Carrie when she goes a bit do-lally / has a breakdown into whatever condition she is supposed to have. That she is holding off with the pills, we are led to believe, so precariously. It is building up to this surely, Brody has commented:
    “You’re a crazy drunk!” already.

    Yes, Brody is going to help Carrie as she helped him with his bad dream. Either that or he is going to save her from danger…(it writes itself)

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