Transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 11:Spoilers:only read if you have seen this episode Monday 30th April 2012

  • 30 April 2012 9:57PM
    ok so poor Carrie really is a bit bonkers. i note the Eastenders style public health announcement at the end! It’s a new tick box..

    i guess us being led to believe Carrie was barely skating on her meds on the Lovers guide weekend at the log cabin was her coasting on the umbrella effect of the medication.

    Much as i loved every example of it being a lover of alliteration myself i thought that Carrie’s repeated patterns of alliteration in her speech was a really very serious sign of neurological damage or a neurological disorder. This clinical sign seemed to be more serious than Bi-polar and being manic.

    Could you really suppress such a deep seated neurological quirk with medication i wonder? eg. if you had this level of brain disorder surely it would manifest all the time in your speech? and if you did manage to knock it out with meds as in schizophrenia (and Carrie is on the same meds as for schizophrenia i believe) the sufferer would be zoned out and most likely suffering the common side effects of such anti-psychotic medication such as both dry mouth and dribbling..

    Guess that wouldn’t be useful for her job or quite photogenic enough?

    From this we can take that Carrie is deliberately under-dosing herself at a guess to keep sharp. Her enthusiasm and shouting have become accepted as normal personality quirks by her work when they are in fact lower level manifestations of her Bi-polar disorder.
    (hey- everybody else shouts and swears!)

    Carrie’s alliterative speech sounded like something someone with recognised different brain patterns like a schizophrenic might say. Likewise the preoccupation with colours:a serious symptom similar to synaesthesia. These are all neurological disorders of the brain.

    Such a disorder would definitely show in a brain scan and surely would show up, even whilst on meds, in some shadowy way in the presumed battery of psychometric and personality tests, intelligence tests and so on by the CIA on it’s recruits?

    Still, i did feel for Carrie. She was adorable if a little dangerous.
    (the jumping out of the car “incident”) i completely understood about the colours.
    So did Saul:in a way.

    Sorry, but Saul didn’t seem thrilled to me to be looking after Carrie so peremptorily at first. He looked a bit put out i felt. However i admit i find the presence of so much face fuzz and his general one expression of grump very hard to read either emotion or any affect from whatsoever!

    Plus Saul just grumbly talks really:
    “grumble, grumble gruff”!
    i can hardly tell what he’s saying sometimes. His voice is so monotonously whiny it has a soporific effect on me somehow wiping out his entire utterance. Saul looks like some giant man beaver who is hiding two fantastic front teeth and secretly gazing down at his favourite piece of log..

    n.b The extreme arrogance of the phrase:
    “He’s the leader of the free world” (The Prez) and later:
    “Airforce one, Airforce two, 1st and 2nd leaders of the free world”!(who is that: Mr &Mrs O?)
    is both embarrassing and hilarious at the same time..
    The Americans really believe this?! They really do!
    “Leaders of the free world”!

    The bunker:
    Plus i’m sorry but i felt the whole hanging out in the bunker scenario pathetic in the extreme.
    A bit of an over reaction or what? Was the President doing the same? Deeply sad i felt. i was right with the VP on that one.
    Blimey, it’s not the Blitz mate, or the second coming, Oh, wait, Brody is jesus..

    (see the Diner scene in which the entire Diner gathered around him in mumbled and mute adoration like the magi)

    ‘Nother n.b.
    Is there ever any escape from the sententiousness of the Founding Fathers/Civil War speech in an American Drama? Yawn..

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