Transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Blog on Homeland Sunday 29th April 2012:Episode 10:Spoilers as usual only read if you have seen this episode and up to Episode 10

  • 29 April 2012 7:19PM
    not really:unless you count the sight of onerously long onanism thrilling? or a bare chest or two?
    hate to break it to you but women don’t get off on such things and it is not comparable.

    i would suggest to you that Carrie, along with the senseless scene of over-young nubiles lining up in pants solely there for viewer voyeurism and some favourite girl on girl action is the object of such activities:not the subject, like Brody? hence the term objectification..

    Carrie and the surveillance set up seemingly was also plot extraneous and consisted mainly of her (and hence us) being a passive voyeur to Brody’s sexual activities whilst his wife was again passive subject to them and so on. Like Ariston..

    Carrie is repeatedly patronised, sworn at and even infantilised by Estes, Saul and her FBI colleague. Told she is “F-ing outta line, f-ing high and to buy some food”. They don’t patronise each other. After being sworn at by Estes Carrie submissively says”With all due respect..”!

    The lovers guide weekend was again just for prurient enjoyment and added little to the plotline. The women in Homeland are all portrayed as submissive geisha girls, adoring and mostly obeying the men:

    eg.Brody’s wife to his ‘needs’
    Carrie adoringly kissing his scars
    Carrie (we are meant to believe) offering a trade of sex to her own elderly boss!
    Poor expendable and disposable Lynn in the whole offensive Carrie as pimp for now you’re a hooker with a heart of gold storyline.
    Plus recruitment time for achingly young harem girls in the good of US of A?!
    So sex trafficking is colluded with and condoned on American soil?

    In a setting which, for the young ingenue co-opted into it, glamorised and normalised such a ‘job’?
    Where Lynn is shown being thrilled she got to go out to a club and get a pretty necklace? Being that her job pretty much involved her living in a bedroom i guess?
    Yes she fell in love with Prince Faisal (ah, how very ‘Pretty woman’)
    but she was never going to get married or anything now was she?

    So the big bad Saudis keep harems but hey, so can we, figuratively speaking..and it’s all ok if it’s done “for your country”..
    and it’s ok to pimp a previously unconnected with the sex industry small town girl into it..
    Yep and the CIA do indeed “run hookers” and it’s all ok if done by (geddit) a woman operative, coz then it’s not like sexist or exploitative or anything:see?

    There is an alternate universe:for true egalitarian fun that is actually part of the plot line see True Blood. Where the women quite literally get on top and are equal in power to the men(and are sometimes stronger than them!) & are afforded the same respect. They are not there just for viewer voyeurism & gratuitous thrills in other words purely sexual objects.

    What about the again uncomfortably voyeuristic scene of violent and uncomfortable sex bordering on rape to which Jess is subjected to by Brody?
    Is Jess shown saying no and rejecting Brody? nope. She must lie back & think of England/America..

    Does Jess get to say no to Brody? nope. He doesn’t accept her saying no to his candidacy & deliberately manoeuvres her into a position where she can’t refuse.

    ( Brody goes Don Corleone) by going to see Mike & dealing out a large dollop of ickily involved (as Jess points out) emotional blackmail.
    Basically he’s telling Mike:she’s mine/my property Hands off. Thanks for looking after her/the kids when i was gone.
    (she couldn’t do it herself apparently)

    Does Brody give Jess the option of leaving the marriage when she is obviously in love with Mike? nope. She must do her wifely duty in more ways than one..

    It’s a shame you would pour such scorn on the word ‘feminism’ and suggest it is a level playing field where Brody is concerned when we have seen more of Jess topless than clothed and undercover of ‘freaking out over what to wear’ Carrie is seen in the latest favourite of Dramas: bra scene..

    Sexism, just like racism is serious when it involves the normalisation of degrading & demeaning objectification of women just as treating someone differently on the basis of their race is wrong. Sexism is not just an abstract concept:it leads to women being at risk & fearing for their safety when they are seen as purely sexual objects.

    Homeland has a deep & offensive vein of sexism present and it should, being a modern up to date American drama, know better.

    Can you imagine Carrie being a man & having the same back story of a mental condition to explain away her quirks, her rogue way of doing things, her one night stands, going out to a bar, her emotions, her obsession with her job and her ‘mad-cap’ schemes? Nope. This would all be perfectly acceptable as a male operative.

    All absolutely de rigeur since there are no boundaries to what a male agent might do:not so for a woman. Carrie is pathologised for stepping outside her rigidly proscribed gender boundaries of behaviour. That is sexism.

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