Transcript of my coments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on Borgen Episodes 9 & 10 page 10

5 February 2012 7:21PM

random thoughts & musings:
beginning bit was indeed “very Top Gun”!
Phillipe is funny talking Americenglish!

this was the episode i felt where Birgitte,& Katrine were repeatedly told not to worry their (pretty)little heads about it. By Bengt:who yet again-over-rules Bigitte on a government matter-this time the F26 purchase.

Bengt also tells Birgitte she should play divide and rule a’ la the Romans-so he’s telling her to run the government too. Telling her not to do the Minister’s jobs for them. Meyer also tells Katrine “there’s nothing in it” just as Theiss tells Katrine she knows nothing “young lady”!

Dishy defence man “we very much like your work” to Katrine upon which she walks into a full blown meeting! Glen Farlan guide with strange Scottish? accent calls her “My dear” a bit Mrs. Doubtfire!

Kaspar to Birgitte”It’s a mechanism that has nothing to do with reality” (Phillipe has to lose his job)

Phillipe to Birgitte”You’re sacking me becuase you can’t sack your defence Minister”! (true) Birgitte hands him a press release from Kaspar-poor Phillipe!

Phillipe”What a great PM you are! Don’t expect me to lift another finger for you”!
He leaves her with the kids-no woman would do that!
F-but he should never have taken the job in the first place.

He really left! Bengt comes over. Birgitte goes to see Freya! Oh.No.
so summarised my feelings at the end of the first episode

Bengt to Birgitte:”Make an agreement”
Kaspar is listening to Kennedy’s speech! He and Birgitte are practically married. “Birgitte? rumour has it you’re sleeping alone at Marienborg?” Birgitte”Don’t you need a bath?”
(She pretends not to notice that Kaspar seems to be living there-he is hiding a bath towel behind his back)

I agree with all the poster’s points; i did feel for Phillipe, believe me, though still maintain that he was a total and utter twat. i might even call him a word rhyming with farce and skole..

reckon, as somebody here has pointed out, Phillipe was already having an affair and that was the unsettling atmosphere behind young Magnus wetting himself. The psychologist had alluded to Phillipe.

agree that just running out on the kids was nastily getting back at Birgitte:eg. see-it’s not easy, see if you can do it. Err, she would, if she wasn’t busy being the PM..

Bengt had to go. Sorry, but sooner or late. Several times he had over-ruled Birgitte recently. He was supposed to be a Minister so couldn’t still be her mentor and advisor. He was no longer just advising he was discounting her opinions.

Bengt did so over the fighter jets-in front of all the war cabinet guys who definitely weren’t on her side. He should have supported her. There was no reason for him to be siding with the decision. Had he really looked into the technical details and whether they were the best planes to be spending all that money on? It seemed not.

Bengt, like all the other men in the room snowed Birgitte. Told her, like they told Katrine, not to worry their (pretty) little heads about it. It was all decided. Bengt was overstepping his mark with Birgitte yet told her not to try and do his job!

Plus Bengt was pretty crass about his affair:laughing it off and making puns about “the woman i had sex with”! ha de har..

Birgitte, as she saw more of this attitude “What about your wife?” she asks him was not very impressed. She was trying for a new openness policy and rightfully applying the moral standards she spoke of held by the Danes to her own life and husband. Bengt wasn’t going to fit with that. Plus the Press weren’t leaving him alone:it wasn’t going away.

i think Bengt’s last bit of advice of an “agreement” like “everybody’s doing it at parliament” started to leave a bad taste in her mouth. It was a dumb idea which couldn’t last. Phillipe was right to cut loose.

Last week i felt that Birgitte was better off without Phillipe. As far as being PM, it was for the best. He wasn’t supporting her. He was ‘acting out’ like Magnus.

Phillipe just didn’t get it, did he? If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem mate. Strewth! Phillipe needed a good mate to sit him down, give him a beer and metaphorically (or not) slap him around the face a bit. Those guys off the Fosters Ad would have been perfect:
“You’re married to the PM mate-what are you ** thinking?!”

He had a peach of a job, all approved & security practical . It was blindingly obvious that being the partner of the PM was incompatible with most commercial jobs or indeed a job at all!

You’d think Phillipe might have considered cutting his hours or packing his job in to devote more time to the very important job of keeping his children’s life “normal” as Michelle Obama chose to do. Plus supporting his partner in her Very Important Job.

Why did his ego have to be tied to a high-powered job?

For me Birgitte’s black eye symbolised Phillipe’ anger..

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