Transcript of my coments on Vicky Frost’s Blog on Borgen Episodes 5 & 6 page 7

  • 22 January 2012 7:20PM

    dunno, i thought these episodes to be a bit boring, so did not afford them my full intellectual attention as my interest slipped somewhat, so happy to be corrected/informed of various random points:

    *creepy gender agendas-speak pushing for positive discrimination

    *pathetic sulks of househusband way before time=reverse sexism point

    *paint by numbers nasty Dictator from an-istan Vs:
    romantically redscarved terrorist or is he?-surely not-he’s so cute& has a cool- Russian- sounding name-plus he’s a poet-so he can’t be..

    *eponymous nasty big Capitalist crony (Crohne!) (who necessarily must be sexist too) threatening removal of Billions overseas Vs. nice Birgitte steely faced and sparkly eyed on the sofa..

    *much talk of Crohne’s power over the government but how exactly has Birgitte broken this? shouldn’t she just have told him to f-off into the sunset otherwise he will always be vying for power or is it a case of keep your enemies (and their plenteous billions) close?

    *did i miss this nugget but how did Birgitte effect the Turbine contract whilst still holding onto terrorist/not terrorist-since-he’s -cute in detention?
    wasn’t detaining him exactly the wrong move which Birgitte let herself be pushed into and could in theory have resulted in extradition proceedings?
    or does nobody have extradition treaties with countries ending in -istan?

    what was romantically styled poet/terrorist/not terrorist supposed to have been arrested for? and how then was he let out? wasn’t Birgitte acting just like any dictator arresting someone so summarily? and so on..

    *plus what was the dossier Birgitte kept looking at-it wasn’t clear whether it pertained to the Human righs Abuses of the Dictator or the atrocities of said be-scarfed terrorist/not terrorist?

    *for me, the Kasper/Katrine tumultuous ongoing love story and the thankful few crumbs of humour scattered about is all that’s keeping me watching..

    Kaspar & Katrine doing the acting for everybody else who seem mournfully monotone of manner..yes, we know Birgitte has to keep a straight face on, however why has everybody else caught this frozen faced pandemic of woodenness?

    *Phillipe is far too annoying to write about:i fear it could start a gender war arising from all the double standards inherent here..for goodness sake Phillipe:flouncing off to a hotel already?!! it’s only been few months-the father-in-law stayed for a couple of nights???

    Women all over the world do this stuff on a regular basis-Christmas for ex. & many cultures have the elderly relative live with them-no question and dare i say a wife of a PM would be expected to a)put up and b) shut up..

    & whatever happened to supporting your spouse in their career, does this only apply to women? especially when um Birgitte is both serving and running her country..hello, Phillipe?!
    What did he think it was going to be like-married to the PM?

    *i agree with posters that why on earth pouting petulant Phillipe hasn’t brought in a Housekeeper or at least a cleaner yet i have no idea..

    *what has happened to Bengt? i find i cannot recognise him since he seems to have a) taken a back seat and b) taken off his glasses?

    *99.9% of the men wear glasses in Borgen=
    They mostly all went to Specsavers

    *in the Sunday Independent today is a whole section on Borgen with a rather odd photo of Birgitte in a dreadful (stonewashed argh!) denim trouser suit, very high heels with a large whip (really) entitled:
    ‘Call Me Dave! Why this woman is just like our own Prime Minister’

    a double page spread links each character to similar ones in the UK government:they are all rated with hearts for ‘sex appeal out of five’..

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