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  • 23 January 2012 3:49PM

    ha ha:) yes, that will do nicely, i would keep it but for the dreadful denim trouser suit that looks like Status Quo mighta worn it back in the day.. that i couldn’t say-didn’t Berlusconi get deposed?

24 January 2012 1:14AM

i can’t find it now but i agree with the poster who said that they want Birgitte

to get evil

Yes. Please. Birgitte-get with the programme! i see in the sunday Independent write up of Borgen the actres says she based her character:

on the way Tony Blair (i know-who knew!) was transformed from a youthful opposition leader to a hardened statesman who took the UK to war in Iraq six years later

when watching this week i found myself urging Birgitte to get nastier and use her power (not like super-powers) over the Crohne guy..

It’s unclear to me whether any of Birgittes’ moves so far have involved real power or whether her moves are just bluff, counter bluff and double bluff. Oh and trade offs.

eg. What is her power and when are e going to see her really start to use it?

so far she has:
*apportioned the budget-Finance Plan-so billions here to there.
*cut a tax break for crony capitalist Crohne (so she gave in to him?!)
*fired and hired Kasper
*fired the Gender equality Minister
*arranged a visit (or was it scheduled/) to Greenland
*arranged (i think it was her?) for the Greenlandic dishy PM to be part of ‘Talks’ from now on
*ordered (somewhat dubiously) the arrest of hitherto mentioned terrorist/not terrorist/romantically styled red scarfed poet who was then as quickly let out (supposedly PM nasty from an -istan would not hear of this later and so her deal over the wind turbines was still good?)

being that currently Birgitte is arriving home improbably bright and bushy tailed and delicately nibbling right-on crispbreads in bed still happy to work on her laptop and merrily enquiring re connubial happenings to her half- sleeping husband

rather than

gazing listlessly into space and perhaps if anything uttering only monosyllables in answer after dragging in after a long Godawful day as Pm and too exhausted to do anything but slump mindlessly in front of the TV with a stiff one..(a drink)

the second of which would seem much more likely to me

i am waiting and hoping that from her quote that what we are shortly to see will be Birgitte turning into a big bad powerful PM and trouncing all in her wake..

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