Transcript of my coments on Vicky Frost’s Blog on Borgen Episodes 3 & 4 page 21

21 January 2012 7:41PM

“I didn’t feel that way about the Greenlandic theme at all”

Fair enough. yes, we are in no doubt about the sympathies of the creators of Ep 4 as you say-that is what i have a problem with:point pushing for our Education and Lesson-Learning..a somewhat patronising and tiresome stance for a Drama to take. I watch Dramas for entertainment & escapism, not to have political points pushed my way. I watch Documentaries, read Newspapers and watch the News for that information and make up my own mind. This is meant to be a Drama.

C’mon, the montage sequence was cringeworthy in the extreme! did it really only last 35 seconds? it seemed to last a slo-mo eternity to me as i gazed in near open-mouthed horror at the depths to which it had sunk itself, sorry, but i will never take Borgen quite so seriously again after that..

and yes, Greenland does and has been making the headlines lately, in my Newspaper, regularly, over the scramble for oil & mineral rights and the opening up of the new navigational passage up there. i have also watched Docs about Greenland both about it and it’s relations with nearby Scandinavia. My point being that yes, i know this is a political Drama but couldn’t we have a rest from the point-pushing and Educational Purposes side of it when we have opted for mainly a Drama? Drama being the operative word i propose..

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