The Bridge-Series One-BBC4 Saturdays at 9pm (two episodes) UK G.M.T. first two episodes (posted also on Vicky Frost’s Guardian online Blog on The Bridge)

  • 22 April 2012 5:42PM
    First thoughts:
    personally i’m really tired of the shock horror look she’s so ODD (cue multiple diagnoses of the latest trendy mental disorder-don’t ask me why but autism/Aspergers is all the rage at the mo)
    when all and each of these signs and so called symptoms would be of no noteworthy merit at all in a male Detective!

    think any Detective-or even the average Bruce Willis movie:
    does a male character generally:show emotion? follow any social niceties? often gets disrobed just coz he feels like it? (getting a new shirt out of the drawer in the office) picks up a girl in a -shock horror-bar?! i mean Pleeezz..the whole ODD premise of a woman character doing exactly the same acceptable things as a male character is hugely sexist.

    as is the now requisite soft porn shagging scenes that apparently all female characters are now subject to plus the obligatory walking/sitting in just a top not to mention the laughably ludicrous scene where our overacted terminator style heroine decides to put her hands down her pants and grins like she was a slightly insane robot(ess)?!

    cringeworthy in the extreme or what? perhaps they were ‘riffing’ on the very latest thing:actresses-just now the estimable Juliette Binoche even having to simulate masturbation as a supposedly part of the plot line…sure…

    even the changing your top scene in the office is perve central:an operation (much like the wearing of short skirts) most women would shrug off as not sexy in the least but most men would vastly differ i suggest..gee, how can we fit in a bit of gratuitous objectification and minor perving even when she’s at work? here’s how..
    ( in a tiresome repetition of the same scene by the female Detective in Those Who Kill)

    and are we REALLY meant to believe that Saga would have got along till now without someone pointing out along the way that this habit of hers was not socially acceptable? assuming she is supposedly ‘with condition’ in her schooling and so forth this would have pointed out to Saga and been resolved way before now.even by the ultra liberal Scandinavians..

    not having read all pages yet but am i right in what i have read so far in that the woman in the mysterious house was not the same as the impossibly chic homeless woman?

    i for one thought they were one and the same throughout and found myself terminally distracted for the most part of the double bill with worrying about where and what had become of the woman in the house’s children since she seemed to have run off and left them?!

    i also seriously thought 70’s suit man (“Jason King look-alike”!) was the mad murderer so there you go..the rubbing moisturiser all over his body was a weird one-the same cream being obsessively rubbed on herself by the homeless drug addict?

    is eczema a priority worry when you’re starving and tearing oranges with your teeth:or was it containing some mysterious addictive substance? mind altering even..who knows..the imponderables march on..

    Was that or not the most laughably ludicrous scene ever when homeless Kate Moss look-alike jumps on the other homeless guy and takes a bite out of his neck?! a touch of True Blood i felt but not enough to save it from utter incredibility and absolute oddness..

    i did like the effortless casual chic of the Swedish office crowd:especially the big hulking hunk of the boss in his surprising hoodie..carried off with such aplomb as to confound all known held stereotypes forthwith..

    i found the interminable side story of Charlotte with her annoying helmet hair or possible wig as suggested here extremely was there for no apparent reason other than to nail the point home like we needed to be told of the message of the mad murderer that all are not equal-yes we geddit..

    Charlotte & hubbie were like a bad porn film waiting to happen that never happened..or some ultra meaningful yet ultimately boring French movie that is officially cool to watch but in reality is hideously boring beyond repair..a bit like The Bridge perhaps?..

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