Random off the cuff review of The Good Wife and Mad Men as posted in my transcripts of comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Blog on Homeland Ep 5

  • 8 April 2012 8:28PM

    hey you’re welcome:so that was you trying to be funny earlier?!

    re your queries about Breaking Bad/Suits/The Good Wife/Mad Men:

    The Good Wife:
    The Good Wife was all right to start with and then swiftly became dreary and formulaic. In spite of (for Sex ‘n the City fans) having the gorgeous Mr. Big in it it was fairly ruined for me by being plain annoyed at the tedious tottering around in tiny pencil skirts, towering stilettos, and eternal Scarlet O ‘Hara 18 inch waist and grinning/ gurning Geisha like behaviour of the star heroine. Timid, submissive & terse at intervals, to show she is ‘strong’ but forever frozen botox-like of face. So hard to read what on earth was really meant to be any emotion happening. As with most American Dramas and the women actresses therein.

    The Mother (of Mr Big) is the best actress in it, acting the rest of them off the screen in the short amounts of time she is allowed. Since, in spite of being a canny and clever natural politico more than capable of running the whole campaign, she is treated like some doddery old dear. Just on the basis of being old. When she is extremely clever and beautiful. She is relegated to being a Nanny and literally dragged away from the campaign room when she offers her perspicacious advice like she was suffering from dementia and just claimed she was Mrs. Christmas.

    Don’t waste your time. Ditto Boston Legal. All these Dramas are the same now. Stereotyped and formulated to death:amusing only if bored and feel like counting the tick boxes/stereotypes as they flicker up:one by dreary familiar one..

    Breaking Bad & Suits i haven’t seen so can’t judge.

    Mad Men
    However Mad Men is a treat indeed . Haven’t seen the new series as now out of my televisual reach. Best dialogue around at present, most fresh, most realistic and thankfully free of inane psychobabble. (all sentences that start with a negative:eg. “I’m NOT saying that.”& continue with how that person is Feeling!)

    Mad Men is probably the best thing on TV (or was the ones i saw) fresh, believable Real dialogue, that people (if you consider) might actually say in real life! and it’s set in the 60’s!
    depending on your age group you might, like me, find some of it uncannily familiar..The portrayal of sexism is harsh to the point of painful. The abuse the women in the office are subject to, particularly Joan, is painful to watch as is the amazement with which we watch her swallow it with finesse and only a subtle retort in reply..

    The juxtaposition of the women’s slow and painful crawl to equality with that of the civil rights movement is delicately exposed to our view.. Plus, of course, you have all the fabulous sets! painstakingly and minutely researched and every item hunted down:the Director would not suffer one wrong pencil in a scene. Even how the ice cubes were different then is carefully included. There are no anachronisms! (Either in the language or the sets.)

    Breathtaking clothes, specially the women’s, and furniture:in particular look out for Roger Sterling’s latest office a vision in splendid white with (i think) an original Bridge Riley dot painting on the wall and Startrek like chairs..Then everybody smokes! like chimneys! and drink like fishes! shock-horror…

    Don is the classic flawed hero whom we forgive for everything due mainly to his charm and handsomeness. He is the ultimate seducer in that he just can’t stop, even when he is married to the most beautiful women you may have ever seen, Betty, who is tethered to her housewifely role but has a few jangling skeletons hanging in her own cupboard and a surprising line in evil of her own..

    If you’re going to watch it you must watch right from the beginning or i don’t think it would make sense..

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