note to my readers:TV updates and endings Sunday 8th April 2012

Well what is a TV watcher to do? Official boo hoos for the ending of:
Those Who Kill (ITV3 Channel in UK)
The Walking Dead (though is a series will probably return:FX Channel in UK)
Underbelly (Fx Channel in UK)

Looks like i’m gonna stop waiting and hoping in vain for a return of Southland. Think that really was the end then.

Only thing i’m really enjoying is Inspector Montalbano at the moment. Am watching Homeland (Chanel 4 Sundays @9pm UK G.M.T) although it’s not as good as it thinks it is. Hey the opening credits are better than it is. Still it’s fun if a bit annoying. Writing about it on the Guardian Homeland Blog episode by episode and posting it on here too.

Oh forgot True Blood (FX
Channel in UK) :in a class of it’s own. Great fun. Best dialogue around out of anything except Mad Men which sadly i can no longer see as it’s out of my televisual reach. Plus all the women in True Blood are thankfully sexist free and kick ass. Metaphorically you understand. Well most of the time..

Have been thinking that Inspector Montalbano deserves a re-write up or a re-cant if you like of my previous and original write -up. Because it is much better than i thought at first. It grew on me like roses. Plus on reflection although people die in it it’s a relief you don’t see all the gore. Plus it’s not always women victims: fancy that!

Do miss Current TV channel-it had 24/7 Documentaries from all over the world. It was excellent. It stopped broadcasting in the UK.

There is a new Special Victims Unit series on the Hallmark Channel (162 on Virgin Media) on Sundays in the UK @ 9pm. However:sadly, S.V.U jumped the shark some time ago. I saw a new Hallmark Cop show called King last night-words fail me. Ok they don’t..i wouldn’t bother unless you have some horrible paperwork or reading or study you need to do as i did and were seriously avoiding it..

Watch King whilst trapping yourself on the sofa with your work. You will find your tedious work more interesting and will do it. Or some. i might write a review of it for fun and hey it might grow on me. It’s really hard to tell what on earth is going on with some characters in American Dramas as their faces are locked in some kind of living rigor mortis of expressionlessness.. And so it is with Lady Detective King.

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