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  • 2 April 2012 9:22PM

    Homeland as it transpired::

    Saul talks in staccato sentences:
    “I go to Mexico. Get her.”

    Carrie & Brody are having a ball!:
    Brody has literally kidnapped Carrie but she doesn’t seem too bothered. This is because she is supposedly MAD. This is signified by Carrie flapping her hair over her face & laughing loudly.

    Carrie calls her sister who treats her like she is 5. “Your tablets, you only have one left” Why doesn’t Carried get a prescription?

    Well it’s about time poor Post Traumatic Stressed Brody (or is he?) got to go to a log cabin and chill. Why has nobody thought of this before?

    Mind you:Carrie had to go get a gun which was wise.

    “How did you resist co-operating? in a hole in the ground”..
    “I don’t want to talk about that”..later he tells her:
    “Sometimes I had to lie to survive”

    Boy, did Carrie get drunk fast! Tequila from the bottle:again supposedly ’cause she is MAD.

    “Can we graduate to cabin sex?” ( in a jiffy..)
    amusing subtitled note on this scene appeared in brackets: (thunder rumbles)

    Back to Mexico:
    Poor Aileen, that wasn’t a very nice way to get her off the bus!.
    Saul, looking like an ancient Brit on safari..

    Saul:(whose voice is getting even more gravelly)
    “I’ve had some upheaval at home, so I could do with some peace and quiet”..
    (Both Saul & Brody say this:Brody says to Carrie:”My wife F-ed someone!”

    The morning after:
    “I overdid it last night, no more booze today” (health message)

    “They don’t like wealthy overprivileged American terrorists..you could get the death penalty”..
    (starting out nasty, leading to nice, evil genius plan)

    “She speaks!”
    “The pools, the compounds, the rich oil men..the desperate folk outside, the poor kids with no shoes..like Faisal, right?”

    (violin music starts playing!)
    “Did you love him then or did that come later?”
    “You don’t know me!”

    n.b Why does Mexico always have to be signified with lurid orange light to denote it’s a hot country? The policemen are always nasty and shouting, the street always has to be heaving, there always has to be someone on a moped..(beep beep)

    “Brown boy”
    “Brown girl”
    (deliberately mirroring her to connect)

    Stepford wife:
    “How did my adorable little girl go to that?”!
    (not the most immediate thing you would say after coming back from the hospital with your child after 19 stitches?)

    Jess seems to be cross, if really a bit annoyed at her daughter for getting into a terrible accident!

    Brody & Carrie:
    more shagging by the fire. She kisses his scars (boring & comes under it writes itself)
    He sighs. Ah, is he healed now?

    “I just want to live here for a second”
    (oh no, more violins!)

    (more mood music:we can’t get rid of it now!)
    Saul gets out of the car and leaves Aileen in the car:why?
    Boring psychobabble..”my childhood, I just didn’t want to be alone..bla blah, poor me I was different” (reaching out to Aileen)

    “No Yorkshire Tea” (oops)

    Saul: (is talking like Clint Eastwood now)
    “Just the love of my life. Walked out the door. That’s all.”
    he continues
    “If nobody claims him (Raqim), he’ll be buried in a Potter’s field” (?)
    (does the deal:this was his play, his whole gambit led up to this line)

    Carrie is told by Brody he is a Muslim:
    nb. i said about the prayer beads!
    Carrie is told by Brody he is a Muslim:
    nb. i said about the prayer beads!
    “You’re a Muslim? What about Walker?”
    “I killed him, they told me to beat him to death or else I’d be killed and I vowed never to tell another living soul”..
    he continues:
    “I was ashamed, that he offered me comfort (Abu Nazir) & I took it..a man walked in and he was kind to me & I loved him”
    So is he gay?
    more questioning:
    “You still don’t believe me!”
    Saul(on phone to Carrie)”It’s Tom Walker, he’s alive!”
    Carrie to Brody:
    “I made a terrible mistake!”
    “‘F’ you Carrie!”
    She cries..(is someone watching her?)
    Brody come home..(Brody sobs)
    (they both sob:ahh)

    The curious case of Jess:
    n.b Jess looks completely fabulous! Like she’s on her way to the Oscars or popped out for a break from the Opera. She swans about looking like there might be something a bit smelly somewhere..Jess doesn’t phone Brody about his daughter’s accident? Nor stay up waiting for him to come home & tell him? No, she just mooches about & snogs Mike on the sofa like a bored teenager. Then she gets caught out like a teenager (nearly snogging) by her daughter.

    It is Jess’s daughter who gives Mike the hard talk. Well done that girl! But why did it have to be her? Mom should have done it, not her. Is it ’cause Mom secretly really wants Mike? She is sure acting like it. Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if Jess was the mole? She was very insistent asking Brody what he did at Langley..

    n.b.Jess was cutting her son’s hair exactly like hers!

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