Homeland Episode 10:As it transpired

Homeland as it transpired:
“Bla blah..”
Photo film of Saudi Diplomat guy Al Zahani going to a bath house.  Gee like nobody’s gay who’s Muslim.  (Personally i thought that was Abu Nazir’s interest in Brody.)

Carrie & Bank guy
“Him (bank guy):
“You’re so inspiring!”
(he’s seriouslysmitten with her-ah)
” I’m just as bla blah”..

Vice President & Brody:
“Vice President:
“A man who lived with the enemy”..
“My wife..”
Vice Presidnet:
“She’s half the story” (gee!)

The F.B.I Man:
“The C.I.A. has no charter in the U.S!”
“It’s not like we’re waterboarding him or anything!”
“I want you to run it Carrie, being a woman it would put him off”!
“Being gay in the Arab world is like being the anti-Christ!” (!)

n.b Brody gets freaked out by the Secret service arriving at his house.
(does a weird thing with his arms-fear of capture/torture?)

Brody calls Carrie!
“I need to see you”..
Brody asks Jess about being a Vice President:
“No, you can’t!”  they’ll dig for dirt, me and Mike, you and that C.I A lady you F-ed!” (!she knows!) (i didn’t know she knows)

A Saulism
Saul to Carrie:
“Eviscerate the Mother F-ers!”
(why would they have to borrow the bank?)

Brody goes to see Mike:
“this whole thing..toy soldier..Vice President ..I gotta do something..Jess i exercising her veto rights, i got these moods, no fun to be around, hey, you and Jessica, you didn’t do anything wrong, you got close”
he continues
“I’m sure it’s not easy for you to say goodbye, talk to Jessica, she’ll listen to you (owch!) (be my judas Mike)
“hey, something else, you took care of my kids, I’ll always be grateful”.. ah

Bank guy-really bad at his role!
“We’re re-structuring your loan..”
Al Zahani:
“You’re not loan officers!”
“Take a look at these photos”..

(gee that’s original-did i say about Cold war earlier?)

“I will not betray my country..of course not”.

“Your stocks..What’s in Geneva?”
Al Zahani:
“Cuckoo clocks!”
“A man named Faraz Sabaq..trusted courier of Abu Nazir..Do you want me to share these photos?”

Saudi guy Al Zahani:
” I suck c**k, it’s lovely, yummy yummy yummy!  my wives all know..tell CNN” (ha ha ha)

“Sit the F down, I’m not finished, you love your childrens, very much do you have a favourite? Geneveve”..
“We would deport her and make sure she wasn’t welcome in blah blah,..England(!) even the loving Scandinavians we will make sure she has to get fat, wear a Burqha and live the rest of her miserable life!”
She continues:

“You’re not with T. Walker?” he is working for Abu Nazir.”
Al Zahani:
“Yes!”  I don’t know, what their plans are”
“What’s the tradecaft of setting a meeting with Walker?”
Al Zahani:
“My child’s drawing with a red heart in the window”
“Put that drawing in ur window”
(be my judas)
Al Zahani:
“What happens to me after our talk?”
“Forget everything..you work for us now”

Mike and Jess:
 “He’ll be a better father, husband..”
“He put you up to this! that’s unbelievable! that’s incestuous, why dion’t we all get in bed together!”

Carrie at home for her date with Brody:(well she thinks it is)
(Jazz music-again! No! (once at the beginning)

“Hi there!” He looks embarassed.
Miles Davis-you like Jazz?”
“Here we go, wine!”

“No” (I’m not staying)
“I really came round just to aks you something.  Did you tell anyone about our weekend at the country?..The media can’t find out about us, she (Jess) deserves better, she’s gonna get it”
(gee.  is Carrie gutted.shit.)
n.b (she deserves better? that’s gotta hurt for Carrie somewhat?)

Brody is doing Don Corleone political visits! sheeeet.
She got used man.
but pleeez turn off Miles Davis now.

(Ok. The Jazz is till playing for far, far too long!)
It’s Saul sitting in his office with a bottle of mini vodka and eating from a jar of peanut butter with a knife from his drawer.  Gazing at photo of Mera (bleeuch) thank God the Jazz has stopped now.

They’re watching the fountain. Walker is drumming.
“No fire fight!”
“I now the protocol Saul, this isn’t my first polka” (!)

Virgil comes with Al Zahani:
“I got Zahani..”
“I’m looking..”
“Al Zahani is approaching the fountain. Bait is set.  10 o’ clock, possible Walker..”
“target in image”
“I want a visual confirmation” Black male. 6 foot 4 , right-handed briefcase, Walker is left-handed ..what’s in the f-ing briefcase?”
“Everyone get f-ing out of here!”
Walker by the indfow:

Carrie looks up.  From the ground.  Everything has gone deaf.  The subtitles say “whistling all around” (smoky blue and silent)
It’s a full on bombing.  People are all on the ground.  Maybe with legs, arms blown off.  (there’s a small fire)

(what did i tell you about balancing of themes?)
Carrie now experiences an explosion-the American experience.

(just like with Brody watching the News about Issa’s bombng)
“killed 5 people, wounded others”

Jess:”It’s a suicide bomb!”
“Just some crazy guy who learned it off the internet”.
“Mike delivered your message..the kids bla blah.in the end we all agreed we wanted you to do it”.
“You’re saying yes!”
“Yes” ( all his ducks are in a row now)
Shit-Carrie in hospital.  Nobody there.  Bleep bleep, does she have her legs
(n.b.that’s what it means to be really alone huh?)

Cheering, applause. (political thing)
Someone finally comes toCarrie at Hospital.
“all you had was a really bad concussion”  Before you go back to the glue factory get some really good drugs and  2 week leave.” ” I’d love to do that.”
 (you don’t need drugs Saul)
they discuss:
“suicide bomber, homeless guy”..
“how did he know? how did he know? same person..Abu Nazir has someone in the US government!”

Vice President:
“Sergeant Brody is the best candidate”
“What I really came to understand, serving our country is the highest calling, sacred and profound” (a bit religious maybe? an odd thing to say surely)
Carrie cries-i expected her to say:
“It’s him!” (Brody-err, hello?)

“It’s the same person who warned Aileen and Faisal, slipped Hamad the razor…(can’t remember the rest) (it got too boring ok)

n.b. Virgil before the questioning says to Carrie:”Well you never know he might be one of those people who are prepared to die for the cause and you’re wasting your time”
(hmm-could it be Virgil? was he in on all the info that the mole knew?)t

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