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  • 24 April 2012 1:38AM
    Random ruminations & moaning about Jazz

    There’s a card for terrorism
    Homeland is and always was ludicrous tosh. Paint by numbers. Touchy feely terrorism:like last week. Hallmark card moments. At Hallmark we have a card for everything! Feeling terroristy today? see Deidre’s photo casebook as enclosed:it will explain everything..this will make you feel better and fill you in on a few uncomfortable things about drones and so forth. That some Americans might not have heard of. Like how they killed Osama’s next in line with a drone attack. Then far, far away, his 14 year old nephew. Since he was his nephew (oops!)

    Moaning about Jazz:
    This week it’s back to the serious ultra cool Americanos, gee everything they do is cool coz it’s signified by cool jazz, see? Which goes on and on and on and on..for far, far too long..Bleeding into yet more ridiculous scenes that it had no place in nor an excuse to be there.. Pleeez make the Jazz stop! Hey, Jazz is crap, it’s not cool, just because you think it is. Playing Jazz does not make what you are doing in that scene cool either. Or meaningful. Sorry about that. jazz is like the mini-enforced religion of cool. If you disagree that Jazz isn’t cool then you’re not cool:see?

    The judas moments:
    Yes, as some posters amusingly pointed out last week:Brody looked like jesus in the mirror with his long and lanky locks. That’s because he’s meant to be jesus. This week was plenty full of judas moments:
    Brody betrayed Jess by going behind her back to Mike to get her to change her mind (Brody does not accede to Jess as an equal & never had any intention of following her wishes) Mike betrayed Jess by doing Brody’s dirty work for him (after the ‘hard talk’) Saul asked Al Zahani to be his judas by putting the picture in the window..

    Then we have the questions over betrayal:
    The Saudi diplomat Al Zahani himself saying he “would not betray my country” (so did he?)
    Virgil calmly pointing out to Carrie that the whole bank set-up could be “a waste of time since:
    “he might be one of those people who are prepared to die for their country and you’re wasting your time”
    n.b Virgil is around a lot:could he be the mole?

    Are we really meant to believe that embarrassingly out of date Cold War tactics as to whether a Muslim Diplomat is gay or not are still used by the CIA? Personally i thought that was Abu Nazir’s interest in Brody. Certainly when i saw that nice hot bath…

    Comedic moments:
    Still we must take what humour there is when we can find it:the genuine laugh out loud moment of “yummy, yummy, yummy”! The bank guy being smitten with Carrie & horribly nervous at his undercover role in the ridiculous bank set -up.

    Any scene whatsoever now-for me-with Grumpy Gruffalo Saul in it. Ever since we caught him meditating on his carpet and especially when he is in a big sulk (although that does keep him blessedly quiet) Sorry but the peanut butter with a knife and gazing mournfully at the photo of Mera induced no sympathy in me at all. Saul just gets more Chaplinesque with each episode..

    Some Saulisms:
    “Being gay in the Arab world is like being the anti-Christ!” Really?
    “eviscerate the M-f-er!” gee, err, ok!

    Worst misunderstanding over a romantic evening ever:
    Carrie’s less than gentle let down by Brody:
    “The media can’t find out about us, she deserves better”!
    (boy that had to hurt)
    still, it was ok coz Carrie cried to Jazz, see? then it was all deeply meaningful and cool..

    The tiresomely enforced balancing of themes must go on:
    Since we had a deeply meant to be moving explosion last week this week we must have a balancing explosion affecting Americans. Call it the American experience. i was distracted mainly to find out if Carrie still had her legs.

    This is what it really means to be alone;
    Carrie in hospital alone. With nobody there. ‘Till Saul gets there with his jolly aphorisms:
    “Before you go back to the glue factory (?) get some really good drugs and a 2 week rest. I’d love to do that”!

    Brody gets his ducks in a row:
    Brody has finished his Don Corleone visits:
    “I’m sure it’s not easy to say goodbye”..(to Mike about Jess) and has even started talking politco speak:
    “Jess is exercising her veto rights”..
    (to Mike, those inconvenient women eh?)
    as pointed out here, Brody says an official goodbye to Carrie too.

    the Misogyny continues:
    Saul to Carrie:
    “Hey why don’t you do the interview? it’ll throw him, you being a woman”!

    Brody is entirely unconcerned about the bombing:
    Why? Has he learnt in this short time how “crazy guys can build bombs on the Internet”?
    did that not seem an oddly pat answer?

    Brody’s slightly disturbing speech:
    “What I really came to understand(in my time away) is that serving your Country is a sacred and profound duty”..
    (sacred & profound? a bit religious? an odd thing to say surely? this won’t be seen as odd in America)

    who is the Mole?
    i just can’t get exercised about who is the mole..

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