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some random musings or random ruminations even:

unsubtle sledgehammer points;
just in case we think that Saul is a nasty ultra-Zionist:
(since, if you hadn’t noticed his name, it was signposted for us with his comment to the Judge regarding the Vermeer on the judge’s office wall:
“Vermeer, the only Jew in a club of non-Jews”

Saul must be shown with an ethnic wife
Saul must be shown being kind to the Arab prisoner and knowing Arabic and grieving over this prisoner’s death
So Saul, like we would think this, but somebody out there must have been worried:is not in this because of any ancient antipathy stuff.
Yes, we geddit.

However on the other hand:
Saul; giving a double handed hand shake to the prisoner could well have incorporated the razor blade. Also, half-way through the questioning Saul says:
“Say goodbye to your family”
This could have been his signal to the prisoner to self-dispatch toute de suite.

sizzling screen chemistry count:
zero to zilch between Brody and Stepford wife
whom he treats like:
his sex-toy/handy harem member of 1:(submission a speciality)

between Brody and Carrie:
sizzling into the near nineties on a hot summer’s day:fried eggs melting on the sidewalk, rubber tyres likewise..
however file under: it writes itself..

Estes is officially hot yet has the worst script:
(and that’s really saying something)
The sayings of Estes:
“I want you all over this like white on rice”!
( an odd phrase & doubtful that anyone would ever say it to him!)
“I trusted Carrie years ago and now i have no wife and only see my children twice a year in Palm beach”
“Let’s close that (metaphorical) door sergeant!”

i found myself pondering the possible presence of a nebulous white which flies over rice unseen, covering each and every grain

Serious Suspensions of Disbelief Needed:
So Carrie has a very vague sounding “personality disorder” for which she needs pills:doled out by her sister who confuses a medical condition with heroin addiction?:
“it would only be enabling you” (blah blah double blah)

and Carrie has managed to keep this condition and her prescriptions (which she never refills herself so far) secret from the C.I.A?!
yes, that’s the C.I.A…

The Amusing De-Begrizzling Phenomenon:
(Saul is really Gideon from Criminal Minds)
in the beginning of Homeland, Gideon, dear gruff gruffalo Gideon
(or is he?), is so severely begrizzled up with facial hair plus beard that we can barely see his face. In fact his speech may well have been impaired.

However slowly but surely, episode by episode, Gideon is shaving and throwing off his begrizzled locks, becoming clearer of face and visage and denouncing clearly to all and sundry. In fact he has even taken to singing…

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